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  1. I want to see this. Just the combo of josh hartnett and "Vampires" make me nervous. is the acting really bad? It looked kind of cheesy in the trailers.


    Josh hartnett actually does a good job in this movie, In a few parts he kind of seems like he wasn't still in the mood of the scene.


    Like he was gonna kill the guy in the cell and he was all mad then suddenly he's all calm again and ready to leave :kramer2:


    Still a good movie I'll rent on dvd someday

  2. It's a japanese film so it was all subtitled so i'm not sure if it was what they were actually saying in the movie.


    It's called Naked Blood


    With 2 scenes that will give me nightmares for weeks now, I can't even describe what happens in it in detail.


    It's about a guy that makes a serum that is supposed to be a new painkiller, But it makes people enjoy pain......to a very very graphic extent :)


    Anyone else been unfortunate enough to see this?

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