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  1. Some more info on it;


    The game itself is using the same old ST engine, there for it will have the exact same gameplay as ST but with new balance fixes, the only thing that's different from this and ST is new artwork, new music and it's rebalanced.


    This is almost the same game we all played 12 years ago, with the exception that it's prettier.



    Edit: Taking on challengers when this hits XBL. Dictator/Ryu/Guile/ST Sagat 4 life.


    I challenge you, MY Sagat will be tougher :clapping:

  2. NES -Super Mario Bros

    SNES -Chrono Trigger

    Nintendo 64 -WWF No Mercy

    Gamecube -Super Smash Bros Melee

    Wii -Wii Sports

    Sega Genesis -Contra: Hard Corps

    Sega Saturn -Virtua Cop 2

    Sega Dreamcast -Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

    Playstation -Sailor Moon Super S

    Playstation 2 -Urban Chaos: Riot Response

    Playstation 3 -Army of Two

    XBOX -The Warriors

    XBOX 360 -Rainbow Six: Vegas


    Gameboy -Final Fantasy Adventure

    Turbographix-16 - Blazing Lazers

    PSP - Ridge Racer

  3. Haven't seen a good snowfall in my area of Canada in like 8+ years, sold BOTH my snowmobiles because of it. Hell a few years ago I was seeing rain in February......wrong, so wrong.


    I hope we get pounded this year, I want to buy another snowmobile and not regret it.


    Used to ride my GT snowracer off the roof of my 2 story house the snow got so high when I was younger. Drifts could reach right to the roof sometimes.


    BTW, 2 degrees here right now.........wife wants me to go get coffee from Tim's. HA!


    ha my ass i bet u went and got it too lol


    Now I want it coffee from tim's too :lol:

  4. I hope this winter is mild though. Last year was pretty rough, but the year before with that huge snow storm was crazy, learning crap from the 98 ice storm really woke us up.


    I remember that, We could climb the snow wall on the side of our house to sit on the roof

  5. god i long for snow here in south ark. i miss the snow bambi if u need me to come shovel your walk or something u let me know lol.


    You wouldn't want to shovel my laneway when it gets the full snowfall, I'll post a pic in January when it does


    Canadian weather is something no one should experience.


    Everyone needs to expierence it once just to know how much it sucks

  6. Ichi is that shy nerdy fellow how goes on killing people left and right and faps behind windows every so often.



    I re-watched it with the correct sub-titles this time.


    Ichi is seriuosly F-ed in the head, But did he ever really go through all the events from his upbringing?

    It seemed like they were trying to say he was hypnotized into beliving he was crazy.


    Although it has some gory parts like when ichi kills the wife beater it's nothing as close to Naked Blood in gore.


    Stupid Ichi even killls the little kid at the end :lol:

  7. It never kicked me off after 4 songs, weird.


    BUT at the same time they did release it on the marketplace today too so you could download it legally without worrying.


    I played it with the old giutar that came with Guitar Hero 2 and it seemed easier. Almost as if they changed the sensitivity of the button responses.

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