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  1. I second the Splatterhouse sequel.


    I dunno, there are so many games that deserve sequels that I can remember from back in the day. Whenever these topics come up I usually suggest Red Faction. That game pretty much solidified my obsession with PC gaming forever. Don't know why, it was just fun as hell.

    Maybe it was because if you couldn't open a door, you'd make your own!


    Sorta, you could break certain walls and do nothing to others :kramer2:

  2. It's a 3d character in Rainbow Six, except with no hair

    Ah, so the technology is there to be used! Then only waiting for someone to catch on to it and put it in a fighting game then :kramer2:


    Who wouldn't want to say " I know kung fu" :naughty:


    Yup, BUT they need to fix the thing were it must see your ears to work


    I think the Tony hawk games on 360 have the make your face thing too

  3. I was hoping for a system like this:


    1. make a Tekken fighting-like system and control.

    2. make a fully customisable character with slots for moves (ala DBZ game on PS2 where you assigned moves to slots). Must choose school

    of styles (taekwando, Karate, shaolin, wrestling etc) before choosing moves so that moves restricted to the school.

    3. Slots increased with experiences and ranks.

    4. Take photoshot of your mug and make a 3D resemblance of it.

    5. Make it online.


    Now that would be fun :kramer2:


    They could have a paste your picture on your character in a fighting game, My Rainbow Six Vegas character has me on it

  4. I still think its cool when the smoke comes out of Ichi's cheeks though :kramer2:

    That's not Ichi, that's the other sadomasochist guy. The main antagonist.


    Ichi is that shy nerdy fellow how goes on killing people left and right and faps behind windows every so often.


    I think I need to re-watch it again :naughty:

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