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  1. kof just posted this on the KOF2k3 Board: "on irc it is said that the p1 files for kawaks and neoragex are coming out in 48 hrs. Bosses can be used too!" Let's hope this is true! Lee
  2. Give it a try....that might work!! Lee
  3. Zurick, renaming has already been tried and it doesn't work. It just goes to the test set-up screen like SvC Chaos used to. Lee
  4. SenatorIvy, if you get the chance, it would be awesome if you could put up that bittorrent file. I'm having problems locating the proper files needed, and still cannot access the Kawa-X Plus home page. Lee
  5. Thraxen, thanks again, but I'm confused one on last thing. I assume that you sent me the Kawa-X Plus default.xbe file, as the other roms all still work, but what do I need to rename the SS5 files to? ; Thanks, Lee
  6. Thanks, Thraxen. I'll check my e-mail in a minute... I'm giving up on finding the correct original P and M roms for now. I have some of them, but I know I'm missing the ones for ROTD and Matrimelee, so I'm hoping that I can just run the newer Kawa-X SE, Kawa-X Plus, AND Kawa-X all together. If not, I'll wait until someone hopfully uploads all the ROMs and Kawa-X SE together, like what happened with Plus. I can't wait to try out SS5 on my Xbox; I bought the actual cart, but for some reason, my new TV doesn't like my S-Video modded Neo Geo, so I can only use a regular Neo to play the game on it and it looks like crap with AV cables; this TV is pretty much made for S-Video and Component video only, so I'm forced to play Neo games on a 13 inch TV when at home, and that's why I'm loving how the Xbox gets support for new ROMs: Neo-Geo in 480p!! Lee
  7. They are BOTH NOT working for me. Could someone please be kind enough to send the default.xbe file to me? Lee
  8. Can anyone possibly e-mail me the new Kawa-X plus default.xbe file with support for this game? (LyteEdge@mindspring.com) Both the original kawax.cjb link and the new one that was just posted aren't working. :\ Lee
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