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  1. I searched through Cospefogo's screensize value list, but couldn't find 384x224. Some games, like Final Fight, have that. Could someone help me with that, please? I'd rather not mess with hex-editing.
  2. CoinOPS is taking the big lead. I can see why.
  3. Except it's not cheating. Depends on where you save and load. Haha.
  4. Well, since I obviously can't send messages, here we go: HEY, COSPEFOGO. KENNETH HERE. Did you get my latest email from 2 days ago or did you just ignore it?
  5. It costs $54.98 on Amazon. But does this light gun work fine on MAMEoX128 or do I have to use BenderMameOX?
  6. Like the topic says, does anyone know if LCD TopGun works with MAMEoX128 Plus or are there any better light guns? It looks like this btw: Edit: I just read that BenderMameOX HSFII Edition has a better light gun support. Is this true?
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