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  1. yes this is unfortunate the end result is snk loss from bootlegs and rom hoarders laughing we have it and you don,t. Why buy a original board when bootleg is much cheaper lmao.
  2. wow seems all emualtion guys are pissed http://fuego.red32.net/~mature/moregames/v...p?p=14107#14107 RETRolamers really foxored up
  3. Got some inside news... atila of http://www.retrogames.com #retrogamers efnet are sucking billy jr mojo stick... They have been circling kof2k3nd and kof2k3 inside underground circles...Snk_Playmore are not happy and gonna take legal action against Mame which BTW playes these images flawlessly... The nubbling that posted no emu support is a complete and total idiot IMO Unfortuantley rom hoarders are gonna happen but thesesick SOBS are making CASH of the copyright images. Yes they been paying dumpers for roms for there little page and channel on mirc A big FUK you to prophet of retroLAMERS odie and the rest of the Gaylord falkers peace out may hoarders die snk live forever and no piracy for cash on someone elses copyright
  4. n3oghost frankly i could care less about kawaks i want nebula release SPREAD IT!
  5. i have seen many neogeo roms dumped and to have one file download is lamest i,ve ever seen grats on the dump on neotools but the disrubution was poorly done and exacuted
  6. grats bro how is the combo system for us peeps with no links???
  7. i don,t have it been waiting heh for someone spred holiday cheer i was gonna put it on pub newsgroups torrent donkey etc.... but everyone playing it lmao
  8. some ghost guy has it and another heh i guess they must have camped link
  9. i,d be happy with just working link for samsho5 heh people get there roms and don,t care about others i wish we ould go back to chemical days
  10. it just sets there and times out i remmeber old neocharity releases had 10 mirrors lol
  11. i cannot believe a game of this magnitude is released and no mirrors for it thats bit lame .....
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