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  1. The only files that I have found for download is the single ds2key101.rar file with all of the WIndows stuff in it. I tried the Ds2keyConsole.exe through Wine, and was able to get the console to recognize me changing the profile from the controller. And when I run Ds2key.exe through Wine, I am able to use the controller to navigate the Ds2key profile editor. But NO OTHER programs accept input from the DS, none. I want to use this for epsxe. So what are you supposed to need to get things working in Linux? Just the files included in ds2key101.rar, or are there other programs as well? Do I need the source to compile? Because I can find no such thing. Thanks
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    Please help me

    I had to disable wep to get DS2Key to connect to my router. But I still haven't got the server and everything working correctly. It seems strange that someone would spend so much time creating something, and then spend no time creating a guide, or decent documentation so that people could actually USE their creation!
  3. I also wish that there were some documentation for DSKey. I had imagined such a program to use my DS as a controller for PC emulators and now it is real! I totally can't figure out how to connect to my PC from DSKey. This program is so underground. There are very few mentions of DSKey or DSPad on the internet or DS forums. And there are too many settings in DSkey to configure that I am just unsure of, I need a tutorial or guide. I can't even figure out how to get DSKey.exe to use the correct IP, there is no .ini file or anything. Also, DSKey does not recognize my home router, it recognizes my neighbor's router though lol. But when I tried DSKey on my son's DS, DSKey DOES recognize my router. So either it is my DS, or it is my R4 DS. I will try my son's flash card in my DS to see if it works. I consider myself pretty savvy, but even with my son's DS recognizing my router, I was not able to setup DSKey on the DS or the PC. Would someone that has DSkey working please post some pictures of the settings in their router, and in DSkey? I came to this forum kind of expectiong to find a GUIDE or TUTORIAL, and maybe some answers. But after a couple of days, and reading ALL of the posts in this forum, I have found ZERO answers.
  4. Hi, I have tried Ds2Key 0.5 and 0.6. Neither of them sees my wireless router in Wardriving, or in "search for an AP." I am not even able to connect using "use wfc data." But I can connect and set everything up in Tetris DS, and it recognizes my router fine. Ds2key recognizes my neighbor's wireless for some reason though.
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