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  1. I dont know if it is just me but when i try to change the Movie Folder after selecting the folder in the tree view and pressing the OK button the path in the Movie Folder text box does not update. It seems to become stuck to one folder. It works fine if i use Win2DS 0.81b. I dont know if the problem is because i have been messing with version 0.82 and 0.81 or if its a bug in 0.82. Or then again it might just be me. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. I was looking all over the board for a way to get PPJoy to work but all i found were people saying it didn't work and asking if they were doing anything wrong. Well i followed the instructions that came with DS2Key06 and i finally figured out that there was ONE very IMPORTANT step missing... and that is to actually RUN PPJoy, going into the control panel and configuring it is not enough, like the actual DS2Key.exe file PPJoyKey.exe must be running in order for gamepad support to work.. or at least thats how I got it to work... So after configuring PPJoy in the Control Panel as in the txt file head on over to where ever it is you installed PPJoy. On my system it is installed in c:\Program Files\Parallel Port Joystick\ once you found the correct folder run PPJoyKey.exe When PPJoyKey.exe opens you are greeted with yet another bunch of settings to configure. This is where you really map out your keys from the DS to the application. I havent really figured it out but i somehow got it working for my purposes. I noticed that you will be mapping keyboard presses here that correspond to whatever settings you have loaded on DS2Key. For example my default configuration for DS2Key on my DS has the B button on the DS press the "B" key (letter) on the keyboard (you can test this by opening up notepad and pressing the B button on your DS once DS2Key is up and running properly). So what this means is that the game/program you intend on using the gamepad/DS2Key with will pick up button presses AND ALSO keyboard commands.. This can be strange and annoying. So make sure you either triple check for no keyboard keypress conflicts with your game/application beforehand or reconfigure your corresponding button presses to keypreses that are out of the way. All in all this is a very confusing method to get gamepad support.. or maybe its just very complicated in my case since i am further using the virtual gamepad to convert it to midi out using another program called Rejoice in order to output midi signals from the DS to Reason and Fruity Loops in order to play drums.. but thats just me... and i eventually got it working... (and yes i am aware that there are other DS to MIDI out programs out there but i haven't found one that will do what it i want, if anyone knows of any other DS to MIDI stuff that might be out there please let me know) Thanks for this great program. its amazing what the DS is capable of. (sorry if i am just stating the obvious.. though it seems lots of people are having trouble with this) One more thing i also noticed many people cannot get DS2Key to even connect with their computer. My DS will not automatically connect to the computer either i have to manually hit the EDIT button on the DS running DS2Key and change the IP address to connect with my computer. Without doing this DS2Key will not work. Also, i need to allow the DS2Key EXE in WINDOWS permission in my Firewall (Zone Alarm) to allow it to communicate with the DS. It is a shame that DS2Key comes with not documentation... i think it would ease a lot of the confusion on this board. An HTML guide or PDF with some pictures would help a lot i'm a terrible writer but if i am truly doing things correctly i'd write it up myself.
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