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  1. Heh, it is all about In n out now that is good fries. Yes and excersize would be good, not just loafing around in front of the television all day. Oh well, too much obese people now days.
  2. darn. Hope they make one some day... oh well, thanks!
  3. Does one exist? For I know there are such for snes nes etc.... (Would love to play ws games on gba...) Thanks
  4. Yeah, I am very well aware of stepmania. My quandry is that I accidently dled an iso of ddr 4th mix (thinking it was a ps iso) and I do not want it to go to waste . So I was wondering if there is anything such it would work for a ps emulator.
  5. This looks pretty awesome, for I hope they will complete the project one day...it would be like a dream come true to play Chrono Trigger, FF6, Ogre Battle (both), etc... on the gba... Btw is there by chance a wonderswan rom to gba rom converter yet...that would be a dream come true as well ?
  6. Anyone know how I can get an iso from a ddr arcade disc to work on the comp and what should I use? Thanks
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