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  1. Hey whenever I try to save manually in pokemon Emerald it just freezes on the saving do not turn of the power screen. Can anyone help I am using VBA. Or does anyone know how to get gameshark codes to work on VBA.
  2. also dos mugen just goes black when opened. i already tried changing vesamode in.cfg file but no luck gamecop please help.
  3. Hey im looking for Time crisis project titan iso for psx. any1 have it or know where i can find it im me at TMACALLEN34. ps ive searched all over dc. it needs to be ntsc
  4. Does any1 know when this will be released for neoragex and where i can find the nrx rom if it is out. thx
  5. ive been searching on dc for days and days.
  6. hey i need spawn the eternal and madden 2003 for psx i've looked all over every hub on dc and can't find them. ps: how do you get into the romster hub.
  7. samsho5 isnt in the new neoragex's gamelist!!
  8. How do u turn on window mode in neoragex.
  9. does any1 know if the new neoragex runs metal slug5 kof 2002-2003 and samsho5.
  10. they have svcplus at emustar.com if u need it. and it works no prob on the neoragex emu on neogamez.net
  11. nevermind i got it thx u guys rule!!!!
  12. there is no hack p1 rom on that website.
  13. ok so i need a hacked p1 to make the final bossess appear on the select screen? sum1 tell me where to find one.
  14. OK now my svcplus works but only the midbossess came up s.akuma,serious karate,red arremer,and athena aren't on the select screen. im running on the new neoragex.
  15. what does the svcplus.zip have to be named. my svcbl is named snk.zip and it works perfect on neoragex.all of the svcplus.zips on filemirrors wont download i think it is down.
  16. svc does work i have svcbl working on it but i cant play svcplus!!!
  17. what do the roms have to be named to make svcplus work in neoragex?I got svcbl to work but svcplus wont show up in the list. sum1 plzzzzzzz help me. ps. if u could tell me where to get svcplus incase i have a bad rom.
  18. svcbl runs on neoragex but svcplus doesnt the names are right and the size is right but it wont show up in the list.o and i need cheats for the hidden characters on svcbl. thx
  19. ok james i need cheats for characters on svcbl for neoragex and help loading svcplus on neoragex. svcbl works but svcplus wont show up on the list.
  20. Hey James how do you enable secret characters on svcbl (snk.zip) on neoragex. thx man
  21. James plz help me svcplus i renamed them and it wont show up I need a thorough explanation.
  22. Gamecop please help i renamed them but james's mame still doesnt recognize it. I need in depth help cause im new to this. thx!!!
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