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  1. I'm sorry, I didn't really make that clear. I was under the impression that the p roms were originally in four parts - p1, p2 and a two part p3 rom. Anyway, back to my original question - is anyone else having this problem? Should the game work w/ the rom renaming? Do I simply have a bad set? Thanks in advance for any help : D
  2. Is it possible to run this game in MacMAME by renaming the roms to kof98n (as is the case w/ kof2k1 and 2k2)? I have renamed all the files to match kof98n and all I get is a solid green screen (not the MVS boot screen). When I reset the game it remains frozen on the cross-hatch test screen. Anyone else having this problem? (I'm guessing that the problem lies in the p1 and p2 files being split and rejoined for this rom release) Are Mac NeoGeo users just screwed by the pointless MAME liscense once again?
  3. Though I don't think my own response to this would be quite so scatalogical, Prince Cronos does have a point... I also find it hard to beleive that the rom was "stolen". More than likely it was shared with close friends who then shared it with close friends who then... You get the picture. As far as Playmore - SNK making money goes, I don't see emulation cutting radically into their profits here in Asia. Every rathole arcade and comic shop that has space for a game cabinet or two has all of the 2002 - 2003 Neo Geo releases available and they all get very regular play from what I've seen here in Osaka. That being said, however, if Playmore - SNK is losing money then they only have themselves to blame. They are continuing to put out major releases on a tremendously dated system that has been cracked for years. The move to Naomi or Atomis wave is about 2-3 years overdue. And as much as I love the old MVS format, I do hope that KoF 2003 is real and that it serves as the last nail in the coffin of this hardware having any more major titles produced for it.
  4. Could someone give me a hand with this? I am trying to get the SvC roms to run in MacMAME but I am experiencing the same freezing and restarting during the pre-fight dialogue that NeoRage and X-Box users were having. Are there any ways to fix this that dont involve hacking the emulator? I am using MacMAME so hacking the emulator is not an option for me (even if it was I dont have the tech skills to do it). I have everything renamed to the kof98 not encrypted set (kof98n). Evrything works like a charm except for that text freeze. Would a different set of roms yield different results? Someone please help!
  5. Hi! I'm a first time poster here and I was hoping that someone could offer me a bit of help with the SvC roms. I'm using MacMAME on a Powerbook 12" 1Ghz w/ 512 ram and OS 10.3.1. Normally I simply rename any new Neo Geo roms to the kof98n set and they work fine. This method works for KoF 2001, Kof 2002, and Matrimelee. SvC and RotD will both load, but neither will work correctly. I'm assuming that this is because of the lack of both a p1 and p2 rom for both of these games. When I attempt to run SvC bootleg or plus, all I get is a lot of green and blue garbage graphics in a sort of checkerboard pattern, and eventually the game resets itself. The sound works fine though. I have tried substituting various p2 roms but so far I've had no luck in getting the game to run. Can anyone help shed any light on this problem? Is there a more MAME-freindly rom set posted anywhere? Is this an encryption issue I can work around by renaming the roms to a differnt game? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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