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  1. me too. thanks for your help anyways... if i ever figure out what was wrong ill post it here
  2. ok, so whatever version of nrx i try to load it doesnt load, it comes up with this error box: thats with the bios, all the files(i made a mistake earlier, i did have the bios) ive tried replacing the bios, moving it in to the roms folder, delition the ini, creating a new folder for nrx egcg, moving stuff about. i think ive tried just about everything and still the same above error. the only slight step closer i felt like getting it to load is that egcg takes a few seconds longer to load that error :/ < this is not what im feeling like right now thanks again to you help guys, if you can resolve this, i'll, emm, send good vibes your way
  3. yep, got all of them and only them
  4. ye see, i've tried all this which is why its annoying me so much. the error just doesnt make sense. surly, if i did miss out any of those files, nrx would load up but just no load any roms.
  5. grrr...i didnt have a neogeo.zip and i got one from here and yet it still comes up with the same error! Moderator's edit: Do not post links to BIOS files.
  6. thanks for all the help guys and the quick replys but i still get the same error with nrx egcg. i tried Neoragex_xp08c.zip too, and no joy... any more ideas?
  7. cool. and where can i get that? (i googled it and couldt find it)
  8. i was using neoragex 0.8c when i had windows ME. now i "upgraded" to 2k and now nrx wont load( i get "unable to load neogeo system bios 'neo-geo.rom'") so i have about 120 roms and no way to play them. i messed around with nebula and kawaks but to no avail. what should i do, o mighty ones? thanks in advance. rich
  9. you have to fill the background a solid colour not used in the image like simple blue. then in most apps(i use paint shop pro) you just go to "set palette transparency" and choose the colour you filled the background in as. then save as a gif. hope that made sense
  10. tried to read the whole 33 pages of thhis topic to find a download link for mslug5nd but gave up. could someone post the files i need? thank you
  11. so theres no working neoragex 9.0c on the net at the mo then? bummer
  12. sure ya can;) just drag and drop the pics into address bar
  13. http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/neocream/NeoRag...ageX%209.0c.rar does anyone have the password for this archive of neoragex 9.0c? it says on the site that its neocream.com or something but it doesnt work. any help would be great. thanks
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