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  1. I want to connect PJ64 and a GB ROM, but I don't have a plugin, or a clue, on how to do it . Any ideas?
  2. This is my first post here. Ok Its very simple go here & download both files: http://unofficial-winmugen.jpn.org/ Unzip them both to a folder of your choice. I recommend C:\program files\mugen Done Then search for characters. Depending what you are into. I strongly recommend not downloading a torrent of other peoples crap. Make your own game. That way you'll get what you want, which is the whole point. It takes less than 30 seconds to add a character 1 by 1. You dont need thousands of characters. Making a basic game is easy 1: add the folder (Copy each character folder to the chars folder where you install the game) 2: add one line to a text file (select.def found in the data folder) ....EG: ryu file called ryu.def in folder called ryu as an example, on a random stage ryu/ryu.def, random done. Once you have done this once. It will take you less than 30 secs to add another character. If your into 2d fighting this beats any one you can buy. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my fav ever, until i found this, and its free. So pay yourself the 50Euros youd spend on a game and take your time adding a character each day. There are lots of forums where people will help answer any questions you have to ask. Inside the game is most of the answers too. mugeninfantry mugenguild remember google is your friend to find whatever your looking for. Looking for a character in google? just type: mugen ryu open each page until you see a characters section and grab all the ones you want. Lots of the website dont work, but there is so much out there that you will have everything you can think of within a week. The more interested you are the more better it will be. I have a program for adding stages and characters (and music). All I have to do is put the character into the folder and add it. It's a Portuguese program, but it comes with an English translation, but some things are still not in English. Oh well! Still, a lot less typing for me! (Oh yeah, and it's called MUGEN Windows Configurator (or something like that). You can also create instant matches in the program's arena!)
  3. I've got this game and have quite a few screenpacks. I have: EVE screenpack Akasuki screenpack Naruto screenpack Sasuke screenpack Anyone out there who doesn't like Naruto, please don't attack me.
  4. I sort of have the same problem. I'm trying to play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on NullDC and it has the same crash problem. I can run the game fine on Chankast except for some 3D graphics problems and sound cuts. I tried Nazo's plugin configuration stuff and that didn't work. Please help! I REALLY want to play this game in full and not glitchy or watered down!
  5. Well, I can't even RUN the game. When it's loading Marvel VS. Capcom 2 (.cdi) it's loading, loading... "NullDc(blahdy blah) has encountered and error and needs to shut down. Would you like to send an error report?" This ALWAYS happens to me! Whenever I get something GOOD, it always breaks or doesn't work! I hate my luck...
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