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  1. Great Job! I'm definetly going to use them for my EMU collection. I think you forgot one though. CPX3 is a great emulator and I think should be included in your list of icons. Thanks yarus
  2. I think you need to copy Udata and Tdata folders over to your e: drive to get it to work. Yarus
  3. Just wanted to say GREAT JOB! Thank you for keeping old arcades alive. Perhaps, incorporating this CPX3 code with Mamedox or FBA would be a great idea. I would love to have it all under nice interface such as those two.
  4. "although at no time the jugabilidad is lost. " I wonder what is "jugabilidad"? Anyway, counting days to the release yarus
  5. Looks like djohng is laggin' behind Would be nice to hear an update at this point....djohng? Yarus
  6. Hello, Now that CPS3 protection was cracked and fully functional EMU is out (CPS2 drivers, but still) are there any plans to include CPS3 support into upcoming release of FBA-XXX-PRO 1.29 or 1.30? Perhaps, that is the reason for delay of release of 1.29. Great Job on FBA-XXX-PRO in general. It is without a doubt the best out there. I wish you all the best. Yarus
  7. Any updates on new ETA for 1.29? We can't wait!
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