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  1. so if i get R4, i can only play NDS and not GBA? hmm anyway to play both?
  2. so a m3 is no different from r4? then why do you recommend r4 over m3?
  3. anyone knows if i can use pokesav (hack prog) on pokemon diamond ? thanks
  4. quick question, can i load up another gba game on the emulator at the same time i load a nds game? seems like pokemon diamond requires the gba versions like fire red to get some exclusive pokemon. so ya just wondering. also the wifi not working am i right?
  5. ok i have started on pokemon diamond. i have some doubts though. what is the purpose of setting the emulation to run at a higher speed? like real time, or double speed, or mhz diaster 10%. what do the different speeds do. i dont really see much of a difference. is there anyway to speed up the ingame time? would the emulation speed do the trick? like speed up the time needed for the ingame day to pass faster? thanks.
  6. btw anyway to enlarge the screen? it is kinda straining on the eyes.
  7. o man that would suck. a lot of NDS games have wifi exclusive bonus. man... thanks btw
  8. thanks people. another question. how do i wifi with no$gba?
  9. just a question. how do i save with NDS no$GBA? i was playing with digimon world and tried to save when i received a ingame error message. thanks.
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