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  1. OK I've got it all up and running. A hearty thanks to all involved in bringing KOF2003 to Xbox. Now I can sharpen up my arcade skills a little more.
  2. Sure thing dude PM me your email and I'll send it on over. Do you have the correct s1 file?
  3. Or could someone give me a push forward on how to patch the S1?
  4. I downloaded the pack posted by rekcah2000a but of course the s1 file has a problem and the link originally posted by Darkzone has been edited out. Could someone please give me the original link Darkzone posted, or maybe even just email me the correct s1 file? My email address is flagy@cairns.net.au, thanks a lot.
  5. I just wanted to thank you guys for your dedication and patience in blazing this trail. I've got it all up and running and it's just all peaches and cream. So glad I don't have to stick to my PC monitor for SvC and RoTD. Well done and thanks again.
  6. Yes, his instructions are the ones I've been trying to follow. I've used two hex editors so far and I'm getting knocked back. What's the best way to search for those lines?
  7. I'm having insane problems trying to find those default.xbe locations to edit in the hex editor.
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