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  1. Take your time. Im sure when you get to releasing it, it will be as good as everything else you have done. Thank you for your continuing work. Many of us appreciate what you do. THANKS!!!
  2. No, I meant FBA-XXX. The reason is that Pro is now using the exact same VMM routines as FBA-XXX so I want to establish whether 720p compatibility is the same in both builds before I start trying to fix anything. What is the latest version of FBAXXX?
  3. This release is really buggy. Metal Slug 5 worked for me the first time I ran it, but it didn't afterwards. Now in terms of ESP Rade, it doesn't work for me, but it works for someone else. very confusing.
  4. Do you mean FBAXXX or FBAXXX Pro? Cause if it is Pro, they do not work. Some other random stuff: ESP Rade does not display sprites. Sailor Moon freezes at load.
  5. Alright. Just went on a testing spree. All of these games will not run at 720p. Oh, and they are all of the encrypted versions. Bangbead Ganryu Garou Jocky GP KOF 99 - 2003 Metal Slug 3 - 5 Nightmare in the Dark Pochi n Nyaa Power Instinct Prehistoric Isle 2 Rage of the Dragons Samurai Showdown 5 and Special Sengoku 3 Strikers 1945 plus SVC Chaos Zupapa
  6. Having the same issue of running encrypted games at 720p. Tried KOF 2003, Metal Slug 5, and Sengoku 3. All freeze at the halfway point.
  7. The idea of running this at 720p sounds great, however when I do, it just puts it up in the upper left corner of the screen. Is it suppose to do that?
  8. hmm, sounds interesting. Since there is no KOF2k4....yet, this little hack may have to do. I just hope it isn't as bad as that crouching tiger crap.
  9. cool, I was able to figure it out myself. After examining the xbe, the name of the rom in the readme.txt was wrong. It isn't mslug5nd It is mslug5n Hope this bit of info helps others, as my brain hurts now.
  10. grrrrr....I guess I still need help. It seems to recognize all of the roms, except for Metal Slug 5. From the above information I named the zip as it is listed, and made sure the insides were correct as well, but for some reason it won't show up on the list. Anyone have any ideas to what I should do to get this to work in Kawa-XXX?
  11. ahh...nevermind, found it on emule....and in case anyone else is interested...... System: NEO RomName: mslug4nd Game: Metal Slug 4 Parent: mslug4 [Program] 263-p1.bin 1Mb 263-p2.bin 4Mb [Text] 263-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 263-m1.bin 128k [samples] 263-v1.bin 4Mb 263-v2.bin 4Mb 263-v3.bin 4Mb 263-v4.bin 4Mb [Graphics] 263-c1.bin 8Mb 263-c2.bin 8Mb 263-c3.bin 8Mb 263-c4.bin 8Mb 263-c5.bin 4Mb 263-c6.bin 4Mb [system] CartridgeID: 262 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: C System: NEO RomName: kof2k2 Game: The King of Fighters 2002 [Program] 267-p1.bin 1Mb 267-p2.bin 4Mb [Text] 267-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 267-m1.bin 128k [samples] 267-v1.bin 4Mb 267-v2.bin 4Mb 267-v3.bin 4Mb 267-v4.bin 4Mb [Graphics] 267-c1.bin 8Mb 267-c2.bin 8Mb 267-c3.bin 8Mb 267-c4.bin 8Mb 267-c5.bin 8Mb 267-c6.bin 8Mb 267-c7.bin 8Mb 267-c8.bin 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 267 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 System: NEO RomName: svcplus Game: SVC PLUS (Bootleg) [Program] svc_p1.rom 6Mb [Text] svc_s1.rom 128k [Z80] svc-m1.rom 128k [samples] svc-v1.rom 4Mb svc-v2.rom 4Mb svc-v3.rom 4Mb svc-v4.rom 4Mb [Graphics] svc_c1.rom 8Mb svc_c2.rom 8Mb svc_c3.rom 8Mb svc_c4.rom 8Mb svc_c5.rom 8Mb svc_c6.rom 8Mb svc_c7.rom 8Mb svc_c8.rom 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 269 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 System: NEO RomName: mslug5nd Game: Metal Slug 5 [Program] 268-p1.bin 6Mb [Text] 268-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 268-m1.bin 128k [samples] 268-v1.bin 4Mb 268-v2.bin 4Mb 268-v3.bin 4Mb 268-v4.bin 4Mb [Graphics] 268-c1.bin 8Mb 268-c2.bin 8Mb 268-c3.bin 8Mb 268-c4.bin 8Mb 268-c5.bin 8Mb 268-c6.bin 8Mb 268-c7.bin 8Mb 268-c8.bin 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 268 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 System: NEO RomName: samsho5 Game: Samourai Showdown 5 [Program] 270-p1.bin 6Mb [Text] 270-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 270-m1.bin 128 [samples] 270-v1.bin 4Mb 270-v2.bin 4Mb 270-v3.bin 4Mb 270-v4.bin 4Mb [Graphics] 270-c1.bin 8Mb 270-c2.bin 8Mb 270-c3.bin 8Mb 270-c4.bin 8Mb 270-c5.bin 8Mb 270-c6.bin 8Mb 270-c7.bin 8Mb 270-c8.bin 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 270 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 System: NEO RomName: kof2003 Game: King of Fighters 2003 [Program] 271-p1.bin 4Mb 271-p2.bin 4Mb [Text] 271-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 271-m1d.bin 128k [samples] 271-v1d.rom 4Mb 271-v2d.rom 4Mb 271-v3d.rom 4Mb 271-v4d.rom 4Mb [Graphics] 271-c1d.rom 8Mb 271-c2d.rom 8Mb 271-c3d.rom 8Mb 271-c4d.rom 8Mb 271-c5d.rom 8Mb 271-c6d.rom 8Mb 271-c7d.rom 8Mb 271-c8d.rom 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 271 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 System: NEO RomName: rotdn Game: Rage of the dragons [Program] 264-p1.bin 8Mb [Text] 264-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 264-m1.bin 128k [samples] 264-v1.bin 4Mb 264-v2.bin 4Mb 264-v3.bin 4Mb 264-v4.bin 4Mb [Graphics] 264-c1.bin 8Mb 264-c2.bin 8Mb 264-c3.bin 8Mb 264-c4.bin 8Mb 264-c5.bin 8Mb 264-c6.bin 8Mb 264-c7.bin 8Mb 264-c8.bin 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 264 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 System: NEO RomName: pim Game: power instinct matrimelee [Program] 266-p1.bin 1Mb 266-p2.bin 4Mb [Text] 270-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 270-m1.bin 256k [samples] 266-v1.bin 4Mb 266-v2.bin 4Mb 266-v3.bin 4Mb 266-v4.bin 4Mb [Graphics] 266-c1.bin 8Mb 266-c2.bin 8Mb 266-c3.bin 8Mb 266-c4.bin 8Mb 266-c5.bin 8Mb 266-c6.bin 8Mb 266-c7.bin 8Mb 266-c8.bin 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 266 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 System: NEO RomName: cthd2k3 Game: power cthd2003 [Program] 5003-p1.bin 1Mb 5003-p2.bin 4Mb [Text] 5003-s1.bin 128k [Z80] 5003-m1.bin 128k [samples] 5003-v1.bin 4Mb 5003-v2.bin 4Mb 5003-v3.bin 4Mb 5003-v4.bin 4Mb [Graphics] 5003-c1.bin 8Mb 5003-c2.bin 8Mb 5003-c3.bin 8Mb 5003-c4.bin 8Mb 5003-c5.bin 8Mb 5003-c6.bin 8Mb 5003-c7.bin 8Mb 5003-c8.bin 8Mb [system] CartridgeID: 5003 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0
  12. Hey, I was wondering if anyone can post the names of the roms inside Metal Slug 5 for Kawa-XXX?......or a link to a txt that lists them all. I'm not sure if I need to rename mine or not, same with the name of the zip file. Thanks in advance.
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