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  1. so.. i just dled that fbax.. i got the error with the neogeo bios.. anyone wanna send the bios my way? soyokaze
  2. hmm.. maybe it's me..but i think we should figure to get kaillera to work on the xbox.. i mean.. kicking but @ home is cool'n all.. but really.. let's take this fight outside.. just wondering if anyone would know how to do it... gentle breeze
  3. win.... on page 2.. u can double in the command prompt.. copy /b svc_m1.rom+svc_m1.rom svc-m11.rom then rename svc.m11.rom -->to svc_m1.rom... then rename.. and zip it up.. and zip it out .. hope this helps soyokaze the gentle breeze
  4. oh yah.. to add to this.. when i put up "?".. that means to change value... hehehe in hex.. this is my first tutorial.. so plz forgive me... soyokaze = gentle breeze
  5. hey peeps.. i know im new here but i got it to work.. i found a chinese site that tells u what needs to be done... 1st of all.. i have a hacked version of kawa-x... it allows me to play metal slug 4 and kof2002.. then what was done.. was.. i changed values in the default.xbe... from 0x0013A678 : 0000000000005000000000000A0000006C9F0D00 0x0013A68C : 0000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000609F0D00 0x0013A6A0 : 0000100000004000DDD4DFEF0200000000000000 0x0013A9E8 : 000000000000000000005000000000000A000000 0x0013A9FC : 6C9F0D000000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000 0x0013AA08 : 609F0D000000100000004000DDD4DFEF02000000 to 0x0013A678 : 000000000000"6"000000000000A0000006C9F0D00 0x0013A68C : 0000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000609F0D00 0x0013A6A0 : 000010000000"5"000DDD4DFEF0200000000000000 0x0013A9E8 : 00000000000000000000"6"000000000000A000000 0x0013A9FC : 6C9F0D000000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000 0x0013AA08 : 609F0D00000010000000"5"000DDD4DFEF02000000 which can be done in any hex editor.. after that.. u need to change your split your p1.rom which was stated earlier...... i found the p1 file that allows all the secret characters.. like shin akuma.. and so forth....so i used that also i doubled the m1 file.. then renamed it to svc-p1.rom (1024 Kb) -> 254-p1.bin svc-p2.rom (5120 Kb) -> 254-p2.bin svc_s1.rom -> s45pn_s1.rom svc-m1.bin (256 kb) -> 254-m1.bin svc_c1.rom -> s45pn_c1.rom svc_c2.rom -> s45pn_c2.rom svc_c3.rom -> s45pn_c3.rom svc_c4.rom -> s45pn_c4.rom svc_c5.rom -> s45pn_c5.rom svc_c6.rom -> s45pn_c6.rom svc_c7.rom -> s45pn_c7.rom svc_c8.rom -> s45pn_c8.rom svc-v1.rom -> 254-v1.bin svc-v2.rom -> 254-v2.bin svc-v3.rom -> 254-v3.bin svc-v4.rom -> 254-v4.bin svcplus.zip -> s1945pn.zip after that.. delete all the save game information in E:/TDATA/0000FA7E then u can launch svc in kawa-x under the name of Strikers 1945... sorry.. im using a little cheat sheet.. but i just want to share this.. cuz my friends and i are having so much fun with this.. cheers.. and hope u have good luck with this.. soyokaze = the gentle breeze
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