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  1. Cool, well, I'm looking forward to it, even if it means I'll have to hold off for a while on homebrew *sigh*. Being able to do more than games on it helped me convince the missus to let me get it. Thanks for the info.
  2. Haha, alright then, if that's as specific as you can be...? Are the people making them companies that have been around making the two-slot solutions, or are they people working on their own like the Passme?
  3. So, I guess is DSOrganize has a parser then what some people need to do is get together with them and help out so it gets done faster. Although, if the parser works but for images, and I think I've seen telnet/programs that can at least connect to a port... how come we don't have a text-based web browser yet? Now I'm new to the DS scene (just got a DS Lite and have no dev hardware for it) so I can't really say too much; I'm trying to test stuff out on the emulators that are out there, it seems like most of the devkitpro examples crash them though...
  4. Not that I don't believe you or whatever () but where are these details coming from, I'd like to be able to follow the progress... IRC or something? I'm fairly new to the (DS) homebrew scene, I think I've found most of the usual sites but I haven't heard anything about a DS slot flashcard. Thanks!
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