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  1. The XBLA version is the original. It is a perfect port, cheesy lines intact. The only thing it is missing is 2 seconds of FMV of the castle.


    The PSP version is like a director's cut. It has rerecorded lines and art to bring it in line with the new port of Rondo. Maria is added, but is way too cheap. Overall not enough is added to gloss over the new glitches.


    I'd go with the XBLA version.

  2. I feel kinda sad, all this is gonna do is make a whole other group of gamers who may have been spared mindless FFtards........

    I second the motion that FF games are far-overhyped. They go by the quantity over quality approach; IE pour obscene amounts of money into the production to make sure the game is long and has awesome FMVs, if little else.


    With the exception of FFVIII, the stories are pretty bad, and not counting VI, VII and X, are plain horrible. They are chores to wade through, broken up by random encounters and cheesy dialogue.

  3. Regardless of how it was first romanized it is evident from Rock's move that the developers want it to be the Raging Storm.

    Are you now suggesting that in spite of what's official, you're going with what should make sense? In other words did you just concede I was right about this? We started off talking about Geese's move and not Rock's remember.

  4. I personally can't believe I just saw a movie with Harvey Dent, Sal Maroni, and a scene in court, and yet had Two-Face created a different way.


    I thought the setup with Dent being held hostage, being saved by Batman and then being burnt also pretty stupid.

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