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  1. Well I just checked the HOSTS file I downloaded here against my original (which I backed up). I'm definitely using yours.




    #Westwood Online PvPGN addresses


    pvpgn.game-server.cc irc.westwood.com

    pvpgn.game-server.cc gameres.westwood.com

    pvpgn.game-server.cc servserv.westwood.com

    pvpgn.game-server.cc apireg.westwood.com

  2. CnC-RA3-win-cover.jpg


    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 was announced back in February for a release later this year. Currently a beta is underway, invites to which are contained in retail boxes of the Kane's Wrath PC version, and there is already some leaked footage available.


    Just to get you up to speed it is using a modified C&C3 engine (itself a modified SAGE engine). The 3 factions available are the Allies, Soviets and The Empire, the last of which is fictitious Japanese dictatorship. Faction heroes include Tanya, returning for the Allies, Natasha, possibly related to the Soviet Boris from RA2 (Boris and Natasha, lol), and Yuriko Omega for the Japs, a psychic schoolgirl whose name and abilities are an obvious nod to Yuri, who will sadly not be returning.



    Official Site: http://www.ea.com/redalert/index.jsp



    Empire Vs. Allies Gameplay

    Watch more Gaming Videos
  3. SCIII was where they really axed Siegfried and Nightmare- I hate what happened there. And I agree- Zas and Hilde are good but Setsuna and Tira... ergh.


    And why doesn't Zas' F,F+2,2 launch anymore? Bad move cutting that in the AE, bad move not having it here. That was the no.1 piss-off move int he game.

  4. Ok here's what's happening for me. I've installed, patched, copied the HOSTS. In game I go to Internet, enter details and eventually got it to work.


    Now when I click Custom Match, I connect and find myself in a channel called 'USA Command'. However within 10 secs of just sitting here I get an error 'You have been disconnected from the server'.


    Any ideas?

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