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  1. Agreed, but, well, we were all noobs once. For someone who is not very computer-savvy, emulators, roms, archives and BIOS are all jibberish. Sometimes you can't fault them for not really understanding what they are talking about. Same goes for not speaking English.


    The thing that really grinds my crap to a halt is when they don't listen to the advice people take the time to give them, either because it is too hard, they don't want to admit they did something wrong or just because they'd prefer to be spoonfed.


    I also am not a fan of people doing absolutely 0 research / reading / searching before posting their questions. We can be expected to help at problem points but not hold everyone's hand. Do the digging yourself first you lazy motherflockers. We all did.


    If there is one more post in the PSP forum about people asking 'what is a CFW' or 'how do I play emulators' without having done any legwork whatsoever themselves, I am going to ban the moron, spam their email and maybe even slash their tyres / murder their children.

  2. MvC3, remake all of the character models, make them look high quality, (better than Guilty Gear, Odin Sphere, SSTIIHD). Add in more Marvel super heroes, Capcom characters such as (Dante), characters from the Street Fighter III series, JoJo, and Red Earth. Add focking 150 different stages, along with 600 characters, including every Capcom and Marvel character in existence, with online play.

    Yeh, k. Not happening.


    When they say MvC3, they probably mean license cash-in since MKvsDC is doing. I'm not excited really.

  3. Open up Windows Media Player. Go Tools > Options > Library > Configure Sharing. Then tick the box to allow the Xbox 360. Finally you can choose what types of media are shared from that same screen.


    On your 360, just go to play media, press X to choose the source, and select the computer.

  4. Not that I put much stock in what 1up writes, but they have given SC4 a very strong recommendation in their review; an 'A' and being called the best fighting game of our time.


    Only time will tell whether people will accept SC4 into the pantheon of timeless, classic fighting games, but it looks great, plays extremely well, and has countermeasures for nearly any perceived exploit you may stumble across (like unlockable final boss Algol's slow-moving ranged attacks). The create-a-character mode is amazingly deep, allowing you to assemble your own bionic man, while the new manga-designed fighters add plenty of fun new looks and personalities to play. The Tower of Lost Souls mode is a much better attraction than Soul Calibur 3's Chronicles of the Sword, as it ditches that game's real-time-strategy-lite load-a-thon with more straightforward combat challenges (and rewards). Ironically, as complete a package as SC4 is, the recent release of the original Soul Calibur on Xbox Live actually feels faster and more nimble than its newer brother; that doesn't make it a better game, but it's an interesting observation.


    So with the classic, new-school, and infinitely customizable character roster at the ready, and with online play fully operational, it's not a stretch to say this might be 2008's best fighting game. Some other hot fighters -- notably Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Battle Fantasia -- are on the horizon, but considering how fun Soul Calibur 4 is after a month of nonstop play, I think it'd be hard to top what Namco's accomplished with what is unquestionably their best fighting game to date.


    Source: http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3168981

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