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    Super smash Brawl, going out, silent hill, cooking, anime expo 2006, marvel vs capcom 2 tournaments, Mugen, nacho libre, and.........the list goes on but these are my top interests at the moment.

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  1. Yeah polaris from X-men is a pretty rare mugencharacter to find
  2. Looks cool especially watching the trailer in the movies waiting to X-men 3 on friday of may 20
  3. isn't there anyone out there who has mugen character polaris... If you do I'll be more than pleased to share my chars.... post or if you can email me at supercooldude141@yahoo.com
  4. NVM found megaman and sabertooth at..... http://mugendb.xereal.com/modules.php?name...p=search&query=
  5. Does anyone have a working mugen Sabertooth character from X-men vs streetfighter or Marvel vs capcom. Also does anyone have a working megaman character from marvel vs capcom. If so can you post or email me at supercooldude141@yahoo.com Thanx
  6. Does anyone have a working mugen polaris character? I have been searching on the web for about a couple of months and found nothing. Can anyone help please. I will be more than pleased to give any of my characters that I got from searching the web.
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