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  1. I'LL Like To Ask,If Anyone Of You Know Romsource,The Forum???That Is The 1st Forum I Have Been To.Recently It Has Been Down And I Have Been Trying To Find It.



    P.S The Webmaster Is Called Cricket,and My User There Is Called Lan But Changed To Harry Potter.

  2. i have some important mail that i need to recover and my xp has screwed, it shows the blue screen of death while loading the files, of course i can restore it with the cd but the thing is that even recovering the uuser files data i will lost all my saved outlookmails so i want to know of there is a way to recover them, please i really need to recover that mail  :lol:

    Whats Blue Screen of Death?Do U Have A Virus?

  3. so far the svcplus  is not working in NRX    (neoragex)


    not all oms work in neoragex  as there are differnt types of roms  :lol:

    Of Course,As sVc Plus Is just A Bootleg.NRX Cannot Emulate Bootleg.The Real One Most Probally Will Be Out Soon,And When The Time When It Came Out,NRX Can Emulate The Real ROM.=)

  4. Erm..I Need A CPS1 And CPS2 Emulator For My Win XP.Krawk And Nebula Is S*** When Emulating On My win XP.All I Got Is A Pop-Up Stating That Some Part Missing.Coontinue?And When I Click Continue,The Screen Went All Black And Then Recover.So,A Good CPS1+CPS2 Emulator That emulates On Win XP Will Help.


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