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  1. Argh, that sucks. That happened to me at a local arcade with some other game. Ate 3 tokens, I think these arcades should check their machines more often :blink:

    Yup,Those Attendents should change their attidudes and the arcade machines.the arcade aren't owned by them,so why should they be rude,and,customers first.

  2. Did you notify the geeky atendants?

    Yes,But The attendant was a old man,I asked,he just act as there is notthing happening :cry:so I wished for a sVc NeoRage X Version will be out.And one thing:do not play spoilt arcade machines! :P

  3. This is amazing the new Dolphin GameCube emulator was able to emulate Zelda Windwaker. However it was at 1 FPS!! B) The graphics are still extremely glitchy and most likely there is 10 more years left to go till it's fully emulated. (Do you see the Icarus Emulator out yet?!) Anyways check out the screenshots here!

    :P don't want to wait 10 years ;)

  4. Yeah, Nintendo's worst fears coming true. Well not really but still...they didn't expect it to happen at all.

    Well,It Is.The CD Code Is Hard To Crack,But Finally someone Crack It,And They Have Lost Hope.Every Thing That Nintendo Make Is Going To Be Emulated,So That Shows That The Nintendo Crew Are A Bunch Non-Thinkers,And They Might As Well Don't Produce Games.As Like I Said,Every Thing That Nintendo Make Is Going To Be Emulated(So Bye Nintendo!)=P

  5. Well,I Went To The Local Acade,Top-Up My Arcade Card,And Ready To Play.

    But When I Saw sVc chaos,I Was Shocked.Such A Good Game!And I Put My Arcade Card Inside The Machine,And When My Arcade Card Pop-Up,I Tried Playin' sVc.But,The Stupid Arcade Machine Would Not Let Me Press Start.

  6. Err,James,The Page says:SvC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom

    (P) Programa 269-p1.bin

    (M) Z80 269-m1.bin

    (V) Samples 269-v1.bin, 269-v2.bin, 269-v3.bin, 269-v4.bin

    © Graficos 269-c1.bin, 269-c2.bin, 269-c3.bin, 269-c4.bin, 269-c5.bin, 269-c6.bin, 269-c7.bin, 269-c8.bin

    (S) Textos 269-s1.bin







    ¿Qué hace cada archivo?

    269-m1.bin Corrige unos errores con los sonidos del juego (en continua actualización)

    269-p1.bin Corrige unos errores del dump.


    Which Do I D/L???

    Thx In Advance.

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