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Chapter 1: Introduction




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I've always realized from the beginning of my time that the mass amount of influences in my life have never been negative. While fear and pain constantly hover over my soul, the people around me have always been filled with the love I crave for to the point of insanity. It's remarkable that a human being raised in a house completely opposite of the casual emo stereotype turn out beyond depressed past the point of teenagehood. It's even more remarkable that this fear and pain I've let inside me, was constructed through a series of minor events that fill my day-to-day mindset more so the present itself. But then again you can argue that all of us are like that, instinctively, I believe most of us cringe to the sharpest points of our lives. Since that's my belief, and the truth is that humanity is cruel; then that leads us to the conclusion that the majority will only ever remember the darkest points of their lives.

I know I'm supposed to be introducing myself here, expressing to you all the basis of me, of how I am, and who I am, but the whole point of this writing is to allow you to view who I am beyond the intro. Start a story with a hero and throw him into a challenge he fails, where then he continues the path of that who defeated him, continuing the cycle of pain we layed down the second we bowed to nature (for nature itself will never bow to us). At the end of the story, if his book ends with a grim expression of self (IE: The "lame" Star Wars Trilogy) then the character is forever viewed as a villain. Darth Vader would never again be viewed as the hero he once claimed he wanted to be. So throw away your "perception" of English and time lines, throw away your view of correction and language, for I'm here to show myself as a human being, try as I might, I would never be able to complete describing myself with the thousands of words in the art. But I will however allow you to view a glimpse of my thought, my heart, and my soul.

So now that you know people change, lets get some things out of the way. There is no such thing as a "preset", some claim there are, but threw my experience in life, the outcome of one chasing "what was once lost" has been false hope. You are who you are when you are who you are. Just because yesterday you craved blood and went out and killed a pig, doesn't mean that today you won't be able to fight the crave and one day become pig killing crave free. Part of the reason for this rhythmic dance of words is to help describe the person I want to be tomorrow. My past does not present me today. So while I go in detail of it, do not claim me to be that today, for ignorance is a bliss that I decide to trust in only in the most crucial of situations. Something else to get out of the way, and probably the first description of who I am today, my music. My ears are a blessing I indulge on a daily basis, so are my eyes and my hands, although my body is a desired blessing, it's unfortunate that I was born fat. There are more misfortunes (like change) but that's meant for the rest of the book.

Madina Lake, I charge you all to do a quick search on Myspace for this band, and whether you're a gangster or a rocker, I charge you to sit down and hear some of their songs. Listen to any of their songs, sit down, take it in. Now that you know what new-gen feels like, I'm going to go ahead and let some things out to further let you understand who I am. I want to start a band, I want to do something big, extraordinary, and unventured. I have idea's in my head of how to throw down some sick shit, and I'm also responsible for writing down beyond sick shit. Mixing my love for sound waves (on drugs) with the passion for the keyboard (or pen, I do write like a old person sometimes) will only produce sporadic sickness meant to be loved by all. "But Davis, how can you produce anything good when all you like are snot nose bands", if that's what you're thinking, charge yourself with ignorance. You're guilty of judgment (as am I on a daily basis), and you've officially declared yourself a higher being then me and seek to shrug off the words on the screen for the sake of your own pride. Congratulations, you're in pain.

I can write about music for days, from the amazing lyrical content a few rappers produce (Lupey I'm looking your way), to the odd and quirky requirements for the dance poses in hardcore techno(try some Angerfist, it'll make energy out of thin air). But I don't feel like it right now. It feels like I've thrown enough of a serious aspect of my life on this entry, that's not my goal (however it will occur). I wish to simply express my adventure, as it unfolds beyond today.



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