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I present you with "The Creatures" ... Italo Disco!



So I was trying desperately to keep my mental self in harmony during this long 3 week upgrade process. I found a new band via the greatest site on the net, you know it, YouTube!


Anyway, here are three songs from The Creatures, and these are actually the only three songs I was able to find from the group. They're straight from the greatest music era the world has ever known, that's right, it's called 80's Italo Disco. I would be delighted if anyone could inform me more about the band and any other songs they played.


Sure, the lead singer's dancing is a bit like Pete Burns (lead singer of Dead or Alive) drinking Diet Pepsi, but I still find them quite entertaining to watch. I especially like their Star War's type character they use in their videos.


Tell me what you think. I probably listened to these songs a hundred times to keep me inspired during this stressful upgrade process. :D








It may not be Metallica, but the sounds they use are quite unique for its time. Enjoy!

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I used to be an Italo Disco fan, these sounds remind me Radiorama, another great band from those years. If you're interested I can give you great names in this style for your personnal research. Happy to find someone who still can appreciate this kind of Music. Cheers ItaloCop !

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