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You shouldn't cry




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When your staring at the floor , injured beyond all comprehension, the fight stops being about whatever it was you started it for. Now the subject changes to, "Can you finish what you started". The easiest time to run away is right before you complete the thing you set out to do. That's when your defenses are down, when your on your last breath, and the only thing keeping you staring at that wall of a goal is your own strength, your daddy isn't going to go running through it with a sarcastic smile and say "Sorry I'm late", your mom isn't going to hug you and beg you to not do it yourself, they'll both be watching from the sidelines with straight faces, knowing that no matter what your decision they'll be stuck accepting a loser or their son. Your best friend will be on your opposite back staring at his own forest of desire, and your girlfriend on the other end of the room, probably smiling about the mountain she knows she has to climb during the minutes to come. Any other person you recognize in the room will be too blurry, but you'll be rooting them on anyway because at one point you either helped them, or they helped you. Once your done contemplating your status, and the worry of those around you is gone, you simply get back up, and run at the wall with all your might. You know that upon braking it another wall twice as big rises, you know that upon braking it change becomes an enforced ideal for the weeks to come, and you also know that when it's down, the idea of regret goes away. Accomplishment will be present, afterthoughts filled with smiles, if your evil, don't worry the sinister laugh will still be present. If your wondering what happens to the man that decides to sit down, just ponder the thought of you sitting in front of a wall, and on the other side a bulldozer is second away of blowing it to pieces.



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