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Journal Entry #2 for lack of a better title



*Sigh* today started out pretty ok ya know? I woke up. had some breakfast. waited for my dad to pick me up from my place and headed over to the hospice(I just feel like saying hospice I have no Idea why) got the number of one of the nurses because...well I am bad the flock assed THATS WHY!?! :afro: Did my scan and off I was. chilled at the store for a minute with the gang. shared some laughs about a few very very ignorant iidividuals who kept coming into my store talking about "When dat new madden cum out brah? Man I hear Dat O9 is Raw kid. why yall holdin out?)


Yes very very VERY flocking ignorant but even that brought a smile to my face. why? I was in a good flocking mood.



Until of course I get home and the flood of Drama just...happens. one of my best friends breaks up with his GF of 7 years, on top of that my friends sister was raped today but a TRUSTED friend of the family and now I cant FIND my friend to stop him from making matters worse and throwing away his life...flock...


the list goes on but I dont have the stamina to try and explain it all...I wish I could do more ya know? I know I dont have any control over ANY of these scenarios but at the same time I feel as if I could do so much more for them. trust me I know this is something is kinda a issue ya know? I shouldnt try and take the weight of the world on my shoulders...I just cant help it...*sigh* I really wanted to typed out this short story I have been working so that I could see what some of the other board members thought...instead of this depressing crap. maybe tomarrow I will get around to it before the day lets on...



with that being said I need some Zzz. been up since like 6am.


black man out-

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Lol, sounds like a decent morning :). It's good though, I've learned to appreciate things like that, to an extent that it nearly counters my depression haha.Concerning the drama, o man, brace yourself. You may know that you shouldn't hold the weight of the world on your shoulders, but, can you accept it? Took me a long time to stop playing Monkey in the Middle, it's cool though, you sound like your caring, a quality not many people tend to have ^_^.

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