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Journal Entry # for lack of a better title




Well I got home a few hours ago. played a few matches of CVS2 with my roomie and got some pizza from the marina pizza parlor(if you live in the bay its a must to try it once!) going to hit the sack early since I have to be at the hospital again in the morning for an MRI scan. oy!


Its not so bad tho. my eyes are feeling better and I havent had any really bad headaches. I am still worried though. I mean the MRI is for my brain and they can tell me anything. I dont think I have anything MAJOR wrong...but you never know. it really doesnt matter what it is though. Im goin gto do what Ive been doing and keep an optimistic look at things. and even if its really bad. I am sure I will find a way to fix it or Deal with it. that being said. Black man out!



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Their scanning my back in a week (local hospital), since apperently the pain I'm getting there resembles that of a busted nerve.CvS2 pwns, keep playing ^_^. Your black o.0?

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Dude that sucks I hope everything turns out ok. I had my scan today and I ill know the results monday. fingers crossed >.< Yea fo sho I am black^^ though my white washedness shows ALOT so it throws people the hell off lol. Your black also?

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nah lol, I'm hispanic, but my godmother has advised me not to say that, since apprantly around her area (she lives in the heights in NY) teh blax hate teh hispanics.Lol, g/l with your results, but I don't fully understand why your reallt getting it though?

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