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Ambitious Project: Capcom Fighting Jam+ (Part 2)






One of the biggest complains was the character roster. Sure with a 4 characters for the 5 games + Ingrid + Pyron & Gouki you'd expect a little leeway. But no, the cast was critizied for the lack of old favorites. Such as Ken and Morrigan. So we'll keep the original cast! Make a proper menu selections screen! But there will definately be some improvements all around. Increasing the cast will lead to certain balance issues, but first and for most is to improve the cast. Game changes will come at a later date.


So we have the core group of characters, but here will be the changes (as noted in bold)


Street Fighter II characters


* Guile

* Dictator

* Zangief

* E. Honda

* Boxer

* Gouki

* Blanka

* Sagat


Why Honda, Boxer, Gouki, Blanka and Sagat?

Since we have Shin Gouki, normal Gouki is a shoe in. It was hard to place some characters, but ultimately I choose Headbutt, Boxer and Beast. Boxer, Beast are SFII staples, Honda as a choice was hard as I also wanted Sim, but ultimately I chose Honda for one reason, and one reason alone. The stare.


Street Fighter III characters


* Alex

* Chun-Li

* Urien

* Yun

* Ryu

* Ibuki

* Elena

* Dudley


Why Ryu, Ibuki, Elena and Dudley?

I consider SF3 Ryu to be the best Ryu out of the whole series. He has a soild moveset and really shows how he advances as a character. Ibuki and Elena are both SF3 series original women, they deserve a spot along side predacessor, Chun-Li. Dudley and Boxer dream match is something of a personal thing I want to witness. Finesse vs Brute Force.


Street Fighter Alpha characters


* Guy

* Karin

* Rose

* Sakura

* Gen

* Cody

* Cammy

* Juli


Why Gen, Cody, Cammy and Juli?

Gen is the old man, if there was an SF1 section, he'd definately be in it. But alas he is not. He represents the past in full form when you see his pupil, Yun in action. Cody is the counter balance to Guy, making him the 2nd Final Fight character in this list thus far. I choose Alpha Cammy for several reasons, I like blue, she's 16, and I don't want to bother making a new sprite based on her SF2 incarnation. The addition of her Dive Kick brought new gameplay prespective to many players who picked her up in Marvel 2 and CVS2. The addition of Juli is rather a strange one if I say so myself. Sticking with a gameplay plan that she is classic "ST" Cammy, but with tons more range. And she has big boobs.


Darkstalkers characters


* Anakaris

* Demitri

* Felicia

* Jedah

* Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei)

* Rikuo (Aulbath)

* Donovan

* Morrigan


Why Hsien-Ko, Rikuo, Donovan and Morrigan?

Hsien-Ko has always been a favorite of mine. A good mixture of seriousness and playful wit. Rikuo was a difficult choice, between him and Q-Bee it was hard, but I chose him due to his uniqueness over Q-Bee. Donovan, the lone buddhist dhampire monk, but not as we remember him as. Some rather interesting changes to come later! Morrigan, my lovely green haired succubus has returned, but like Rikuo, a hard choice between her and Lillith. I chose Morrigan over Lillith due to popularity. Even though I like my lolis.


Red Earth characters


* Leo

* Hauzer

* Nool

* Mukuro

* Lavia (Luan)

* Tessa (Tabesa)

* Kongou

* Mai-Ling (Tao)


Why, why, why!?

So now we have all 4 Red Earth heroes. But in addiontion, we have the oni Kongou, who looks like a more angry version of Kusagedo from SamSho and Lavia, the harpy. A good balance I say.


Other characters


* Ingrid

* Strider Hiryu (Strider)

* Jill (Resident Evil)

* Linn Kurosawa (Alien vs Predator)

* Maki (Final Fight)

* Captain Commando (Forgotten Worlds)

* Ruby Heart (Marvel vs Capcom 2)

* Hayato (Star Gladiator)


Why those guys?

Interestingly enough, it was a hard pallet to choose from. In the end, I went with ease that nearly everyone was already animated. Hiryu is a staple Capcom character, as with Captain Commando (hence the CapCom). Maki is a fine choice I believe, she also the 3rd Final Fight character, and we have all 3 main FF heroes in the game :) Ruby Heart doesn't get enough attention I find, she was an interesting design in Marvel and I got some gameplay changes up my sleeve for her. Hayato was a hard choice, as it was either him or Jin (from Cyberbots). I like both characters and both series their originally from don't get the attention they truely deserve, to balance out the 8 Factor amongest the playables, Hayato over Jin for representing 3D. Jill, sweet hard edge girl Jill, she has an interesting moveset, but that's going to change :( Finally, Miss Linn. AvP was a sweet game, and Linn was by far the most technical character in all of Beat em Ups at the time with a decent varity of moves to do, complete with the complexity. She is probably the only character I'd like to create out of scratch.


End Boss characters


* Pyron

* Gill

* Scion (Valdoll, from Red Earth/Warzard)

* Shin Gouki


Yo, why more bosses?

I'm tearing a page out of SamSho5SP. You gotta beat these guys in a row getting some good crap to get to get to the next guy. Gill is an almighty force to be reckoned with, Scion is interesting, he can be considered a retarded power up version of Anarkis, but beyond that, I hope to give him some really wacked out crap. Shin Gouki is our big man. Unfair, broken, hell of a time to beat. Perfect for this :(


The roster is a staggering 52 characters! Ungodly even, this makes it look like a King of Fighters roster! But I hope something like this can be made. Complete with my ideas of gameplay changes. Next update will cover character changes in different sections, this is HELLA big.


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