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Ambitious Project: Capcom Fighting Jam+ (Part 3)




Character Changes



Charges will be done in 1.8 Seconds as oppose to the 2 Seconds. Charge partitioning is back in, as well as buffering from previous SF games. U+P/K or D+P/K results in an extra hit similarly too Pursuits.


Street Fighter II


Well, time for improvements! First off are the SFII characters.



Now with Guile in CFJ, he was a hell of a battery character, but what he lacked was a strong offense. He played great defensively, but if you wanted to win with him, you'd have to turtle practically all match. So Let's change some things;


Pursuit: D+K

Animation is his Standing MK.


Knee Bazooka: B/F+MK

Let's bring it to CE-Status. In CFJ, it's an alright move but suffers from a lag time that's worst from CvS2.


Reverse Spin Kick: B/F+LK

Well, it just sucked. Period. So we'll make it a risk/reward type of move, comes out slow but does enough damage.


(EX) Flash Kick: D, U+K

The EX version hits multiple times.


(EX) Sonic Boom: B, F+P

EX Sonic Boom has a slightly recovery time, but hits twice.


(EX) Sonic Hurricane: B, F, B, F + P

Brought back the missing super. The big spinny thing from CvS2. Normal version is a barrage of Sonic Booms, it's EX version is the big spinning disc from CvS2.



A personal favorite of mine. An excellent all-rounded type of character. Not CE quality, but good enough (Upper Mid in CFJ). Adopting the SF2HD philosophy, we'll improve some parts to make him an even bigger threat.


Pursuit: U+K

Animation is his double stomp.


(EX) Psycho Crusher: B, F + P

A little more CE flavor for you. LP is safe, MP is somewhat safe, and HP is a wake up killer. Increase the chip damage on it to make it somewhat CE like. EX Version can be used as a reversal and hits 5 times.


(EX) Knee Press: B, F + K

Can be done as an instant reversal now! EX version can go through projectiles but has a much shorter range and hits 3 times.



Well uh, I dunno. Overall, let's just make him like ST-Zangief.


Pursuit: U+P

Diving splash!


(EX) Banishing Punch: F, D, DF + P

No changes, EX version hits twice and excellent for wake up.


Flying Power bomb: HCB, BU + K

Changed the command too Half Circle Back, Back Up. Reverse Tiger Knee motion. It still has the running start up.


Atomic Suplex: 360 + K

Added whiff animation.


Spinning Piledriver: 360 + P

Beefing it up some more for the HP verison, but more lag time on it. Changing the LP version to come out the fastest (4-5 frames) and no whiff animation. Sounds broken? Probably, but LP version will suck.


Final Atomic Buster: 360, 360 + P

Command is changed so it's bufferable, similarly to Hugo's Gigas Breaker.


(EX) Aerial Russian Slam: QCF, QCF + K

EX version changes it completely, making it a diving air power bomb into german suplex.



Mix the best of both worlds. CvS2 and ST Honda!


Pursuit: U+K

Butt drop D:~


Pursuit: D+K

Crouching Roundhouse animation.


(EX) Super Hyakkan Otoshi: B, F + K

EX version comes out faster and knocks upwards then downwards for 3 hits.


(EX) Hyakuretsu Harite: P(rapidly)

EX version comes out faster and can move Honda forward if you hold F while doing the EX version. Think of it as an EX lighting legs.


(EX) Super Zutsuki: B, F + P

EX version hits twice and can cause screen knock back for an additional hit.


Ooichou Nage: HCB + P

This is a feared command throw. Changing it into it's ST counter part (HCB+P) and gains a whiff animation to boot. Still as fearful, but now you'd get punished.



Since CvS2 Boxer is like, crap. ST Boxer is to be FEARED.


Pursuit: D+K

Downward punch.


Turn Around Punch: PPP/KKK

Alrighty, what is crap in CvS2, I shall make it FEARED. Up to a 5 seconds, and you'll hear the announcer say it! Depending on how long it's charge the damage is variable.


(EX) Dashing moves in general:

Speed them up just by a bit to keep constant pressure against others. EX version of either Dash Punch will hit twice and knock back against the screen for an additional hit. Similarly to Q. Low dash punch will hit low then hit mid causing a knock down.


Buffalo Headbutt: D, F + P

Back to beast status. Quick, can go through fireballs and excellent on wake up. But not unbeatable, as each different strength punch makes him go higher. So LP would technically be his best.


Crazy Buffalo: B, F, B, F + P/K

As in ST, making it DEADLY. When you have full meter, it will go through any projectile, any. Making mind games alot harder. And it would be cancelable from any of the Dashes via buffer.


Gigaton Blow: QCF, HCB + P

Changed the command. This is basically a beefed up Turn Around Punch. It's also his Super Art MAX (Level 3). Goes through fireballs and negates certain attacks.



Well uh, let's see. In ST he took damage like a little biatch and did some pretty beast combos but had no super. Let's go back to that! Partly! Shin Gouki is a completely different character, so we'll go to him later.


Shakunetsu Hadouken: HCF + P

Well, each version does different amount of hits like SF3.


Zanku Hadouken: QCF + P (in the air)

Changed that the HP version will throw 2 out but he'll stay up in the air longer. No free action.


Hyakki Shuu: F, DF, D + K

Added to his move set.



ST Blanka with more supers. Nuff said.


Pursuit: U+K

looks like his Back step Leap. Similarly to Felicia's.


(EX) Rolling Attack: B, F + P

EX version hits multiple times.


Vertical Rolling: D, U + K

Can be used as a reversal.


Back step Leap: B, F + K

Additional overhead properties.



King of Muy Thai! Toned down bit though.


Crouching Roundhouse:



(EX) Tiger Shot: QCF + P

HP will get faster boost/slower recovery time. LP will get slower/fastest recovery. EX version launches two fireballs.


(EX) Ground Tiger Shot: QCF + K

HK will get 37 frames (like CE-Sagat). EX version launches two fireballs.


(EX) Tiger Uppercut: F, D, DF + P

HP will get ST-like properties. EX comes out faster and hits 5 times.


Tiger Cannon: QCF, QCF + P / QCF, QCF + K

P goes high, K goes low. K version goes slower then the P verison.


Tiger Genocide: QCB, QCB + P

Changed command. 8 Hits Tiger Upper ender instead of 6.


Shin Gouki

The same as his CFJ counter part, except he takes 2.5 times more damage then before.


Street Fighter III


SF3 needs ALOT of work. Nearly all of the existing characters are very dependent on meter. Let's change that. Overall changes to all characters is that their faster then before and charge partitioning is back in.



He's partly dependent on meter sadly. He's considered lower mid I believe. Buffing will come all around. This time, he will closely be like his 3s counter part.


Pursuit: U+K

Double stomp!


Spinning DDT: HCB + K

It's back! It still has it's 3s properties though.


Power bomb: HCB + P

Sped up, LP version comes straight out, no whiff animation and is unblockable now.


Hyper Bomb: 360 + P

Major change here is that it's going to come out as quick (or quicker) as Gief's Final Atomic Buster super, and like that super, it will do mad SPD like damage. Although it will be whiffable.


Stun Gun Headbutt: QCF, QCF + K

Changed slightly. It doesn't begin with a flipping attack anymore, hence it's not unblockable at the right range. Instead it becomes a Flash Chop into his F+HP Headbutt command normal, the initial chop is blockable, but the grab after it isn't.


Chun Li

mmm delicious legs! Chunny in CFJ is considered to be one of the worst characters in CFJ. So we'll buff her up back to her 3s counter part! But we'll have to make a few changes...


Pursuit: U+K

It's her stomp! How imaginative!


Standing HP: HP

This is something that beats out everything (nearly) everything in 3s.


Crouching MK: D + MK

Slower then 3s, but still usable. Don't want to make it completely useless, however I don't want it to be a powerhouse either. Still cancelable into Hyokousen!


Yoku Senkyaku: F + HK

3s properties. Still possible to link a super into it. Same properties are her standing HK.


Hakkei: B + HP

What made this so good was the fact, it could beat things up close. Tweaked a bit so it's a tad bit slower to come out, but still has all it's uses from 3s.


Souren Shou: B + MP

Her double slap from 3s. Sped back up to it's 3s form and still has it's uses.


(EX) Kikouken: HCF + P

Back to 3s! Each punch variation fades out while the EX version travels the whole screen.


(EX) Hyakuretsu Kyaku: K (repeatedly)

Also returning to 3s form. EX version is more tuned to be used on wake up to beat moves.


(EX) Spinning Bird Kick: D, U + K

3s form as well. EX version will be more useful as a wake up counter now.


(EX) Hazan Shu: HCB + K

3s form. EX version knocks down.


Tensei-Ranka: DB, DF, DB, U + K

Brought back and changed commands. Perfect as an anti-air super, extended range as well.



No changes except charge buffering should greatly increase his offensive uses, thus making him similar to 3s.



No changes, but overall speed will be increased to be 3s-CvS2 mix.



What about Ryu? Well that's for another post.


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