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Ambitious Project: Capcom Fighting Jam+ (Part 1)







Well, because alot of people didn't like CFJ in general. I've decided to "create" a MUGEN version of the game. Although my plan is to really just make music and balance adjustments, as I want to recruite 4-5 (or more) others for character ripping and editing, background making and balancing. Since the original game took about 19 people (well 14 if you don't count the band used to make the music) to develop the game in the span of a year.


Adressing some issues with the cast, balancing and gameplay systems. While balancing is decent, it could use work due to the fact it's based on match ups. Cast would definately have some additions, although I don't want MvC2 nor CvS2 proportions, a quiet sizeable cast will be nice and weed out any balance issues in between. Will try to keep new characters down who don't have sprites. Maybe 2-3 "new characters" with the rest returning from previous games that were used in CVS2-SF3-MvC2-CFJ.


No JOJO Characters. They aren't Capcom.


Gameplay system will be covered in the next section!





What's the plan? A unified, overall fighting system. Mostly based around P-Groove and 3rd Strike system, but more refined and including some selected choices from the other systems.


What's out: Everything except ...

What's in: 2 on 2 Battle, Dashing/Running, Parrying, 3 Stock Supering, Super Art MAX (Level 3 Only Supers) for everyone, tactical rolling, EX Specials & Supers (Only certain characters), Alpha 2 Custom Combo-Style and Vampires' Pursuits Hits.


Universal Stuff; (ripped most of the notation from previous blog post)

Six Buttons (LP MP HP/LK MK HK)

*(n) is neutral on the stick


Throw | LP+LK+→ or ← or (n)

Throw Tech | LP+LK

Dash/Run (Character depending) | →,→

Dash Back | ←,←

Super Jump Cancel | ↓,↑

Parry (Air & Ground) | Tap →

Block | Hold ←

Pursuits | ↑+K or ↑+P

Tactical Recovery | Hit ↓ As you touch the ground

Taunt | HP+HK

Universal Overhead | MP+MK

Variable Combo Acitvation | HP+MP or MK+HK


3 Stocks is like Ingrids, but it takes a page out 3rd Strike. ES/EXing uses some meter and all 3 act like the same super, except each super level does different damage. So you can still do Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken, but it will do more damage then an EX version, but only by a bit because it's a L1 Shinkuu Hadoken (L1 5%-L2 10%-L3 15%). That kind of deal.


Pursuits are ripped from Vampires' series of games. It is a follow up attack to be used when you have them knocked down. Some will be bad, some will be good. Although I don't know whose will be good or bad!


Variable Combo! Also known as Custom Combos, is an idea of having everything cancelable, well NEARLY. Instead of making it like A3 or A-Groove. I've decided to make it based on Alpha 2. Short burst of speed with all normals. It's practically a universal Genei-Jin. Except it only lasts for a short time, a shorter time then A-Groove, V-ism and Genei-Jin. A2 CC for life!


Part 2 this weekend. Covering characters!



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