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School's a-comin'...



I have mixed feelings about school starting up again. Mostly good ones, though, which surprises me. Since I pretty much spent the summer being a slug, I'm looking forward to having something to do during the day. Also, my friends were doing a whole lot of traveling, so I didn't see them very often. It'll be cool to see some of them again, after briefly chatting at class registration. Oh man... registration... a pain in a few ways.


First, a few days (read: two) before registration, I received a letter from my school stating that they would now be offering a Chinese language course. Since I absolutely hated the French teacher, I decided it was necessary to my sanity to get into that class. Of course, the guidance counselor for my group (last names P - Z) was out until the day of registration, meaning other kids would be able to get in before me. So I wait until the day of registration. She's still not in. So, I decide to register for my other classes, just to get that out of the way. I walk seven blocks to the school, wait in line for 30 minutes, and realize I'm one check short. So, I walk home, grab the other check, and head back. Now I wait 20 minutes in line to get my picture taken for my student ID. I walk home again (up to 28 blocks walked now). A few minutes later, a friend's mom calls to tell me that the guidance counselor just got in, and a line is forming. I rush back over to the school (in a car this time) and wait in line for another 20 minutes only to have the counselor tell me I can't get into Chinese because the classes I already picked cause schedule problems. So, I walk halfway home, all depressed because I'm going to have to go through another year of hell with the French teacher. Then, after talking with my parents, I decide to talk to my counselor again. I walk back (35 blocks walked total) and stand in line for 15 minutes (85 min. spent in lines total). Then, after reworking almost my entire schedule, I end up taking Chinese, an art class, and a study hall. I would have been elated, but I just spent 2 hours doing something that should have taken 45 minutes or less.


Second, during the first wait in line, a certain girl walked past. I will not describe what she was wearing (because that would be creepy and disrespectful), but I will say that it emphasized her amazing figure without being revealing or shameful. It was probably the most sexy and beautiful thing I have ever seen. Same girl I've written about before. A good friend, but nothing more... although I'm not sure if she's still with her boyfriend... But seeing her smiling and laughing again, after a whole summer of trying to convince myself I could never have her... oh man, that hurt.


So school will be starting on September 4. I'm looking forward to a few classes, but I'm sure that won't last long. Once school's been in for a week or two, I'll probably be right back into the ol' "I hate school/whens summer?" mode.


If you've read everything this far, message me to get a free cookie.


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Mooney, I already started my school, and o man, is senior year a pain in the ass, well , for that I'll update my blog soon to say how my almost first week of school has turned out. Dude, good luck, is all I can say, and don't start slacking off >.<, you might regret it like I am now :blink:. Especially now that my goals have gone higher then just a programing dude. Now where's my damn cookie?!

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And mine??I assume fried was supposed to be friend?American schooling is so weird, I did not understand any of that stuff you went through.

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All he did there was trying and form the classes he was going to get during next year. Funny how you do yours before school starts as I do mine before it ends.

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