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The Listening Mute



I Actually wrote this for my blog on Myspace, but i thought i should share. Tell me what you think of my idea.



There are plenty of things that supposedly are there to help us out. To help people clear their minds. Many people (Like Me) tend to keep things locked up in our minds because we fear that our words might be misinterpreted and totally blown out of proportion. Should we talk to someone?? Hmm not really


Psychiatrists, parents, best friends, family members, and counselors are who most people talk to when they are feeling down, But what do all of those people have in common??? They will take your words and flip them on you faster then you can say crap!!




So as close as I am with all my friends and family, I chose not to let them into my state of mind. People start to get judgmental on you and they want to act differently but I don't like that. I guess what I'm trying to say is I just want to be heard with no reaction. But that's IMPOSSIBLE. Any true friend will have to react and go out of their way to make you feel better and get through to you.












Most people just want to be heard. Let it all out with no strings attached because if you write how you feel on paper, then someone might find that paper and say that you are crazy but in actuality you are just sad. Or if you write how you feel on a blog, MILLIONS of people will just not understand and also think you are out of your mind. They will think you are just in need of attention. Someone might even say that about THIS post.








The idea I have in mind is a "Professional Listener"


I googled this once and only saw one site that had it. But basically, it's someone who won't put an input on anything you have to say. Just ask you questions to Open you up like:


"Oh really? Why do you say that?"


"Why Not?"






But they will never write anything. No files, no papers, no computers. Just two Comfortable chairs where you can sit. Because most people just cant handle all the load on their minds. They need to let it out someway, and I believe that if everyone was able to let out how they felt without regret, then more people would be happy instead of depressed all the time.


So that's what I think would help a lot of people.


I wish I could do this, but I get bored easily. Lol

Im sorry if this doesnt sound like the smartest thing youve ever heard, but thats just how it came out


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