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My school is flocked up




So much crazy stuff has happened in the past week at my school. Normally we're pretty normal, just your run-of-the-mill public High School, but not this week...


The first thing that happened was a kid got arrested for sexual harassment. Apparently he posted some nasty things on MySpace, and a few people printed his comments out and showed them to our resident police officer (we have a police officer at our school instead of a security guard... he has guns). I know this kid pretty well, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was physically abusing them, too. See, ever since I met this kid more than 5 years ago, he has been nothing but an ass. He respects no one and no thing (Oh, the stories I could tell you). So really, I was relieved that he got arrested.


The next thing is this:


A kid recorded this 4 minute video on his cell phone; a fight between a black kid (Deon) and a white kid (Joe). The creepy thing is I know just about everyone in the video. Watch it.


Next, the police officers in our small village just bought some new guns. They are HK53 assault rifles, each with a laser sight and .223-caliber rounds. They say they need these guns to "keep up with the bad guys," but the worst the "bad guys" in our village get is what you see in the video above. Besides, the police already have pistols and shotguns at their disposal. They really don't need these guns.


And finally, just yesterday, one of my best friends was arrested. I have no idea why, I only have the testimonials of a few kids who said they saw him getting into a squad car. He could just have been brought in to be questioned about said sexual harasser, since the two of them used to hang out a whole lot, but I'm not sure. My friend has talked a lot about drinking and doing drugs, but I never thought he really did any of that...


So yeah. My school is a mess. All of this in the past week. I'm REALLY looking forward to spring break next week.



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My school goes through this kind of crap like a woman goes through periods. About the fight, what where they fighting about? People used to fight a shitload in our school, but when the rules began to be enforced more strictly and the amount of punishment increased the fights where usually halted till a later date at certain party's or private affairs . The cops with the guns, imo, is just them freaking out. Or some other meaning we "aren't" supposed to know. Good Luck with your friends, half of mine are gone as it is, if not droped out, trying to get a GED at the local college.

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About the fight, what where they fighting about?
In the video, the guy taking the video says that the white kid borrowed money from the black kid and never payed him back. It also seems that this fight was planned more than a day in advance, hence the large crowd.
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That went ALOT better then it would have in my area. Too much talking. Who plans fights?? But thats NYC, and as for the guns, its so funny how they have gunz for a school like that, but they dont for a school like mine where kids Bring in guns themselves all the time, this one kid shot himself in the leg while showing it off to someone else. hehehe

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That kid was an idiot. I also enjoyed how no one tried to stop the fight despite the fact that someone was videotaping and there was people around watching. Hooray for ignorance and stupidity!

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