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User Bar Madness and one last plea




who is the scariest killer/monster from a scary movie?  

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FIRST: PLEASE PLEASE, WON'T SOMEONE GET IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT AND BUY MY PC?!? :thumbsup1: I'm getting desperate here... there are things I need to buy, but with my current shortness on cash I cannot afford them. So please, think about buying my PC... or my NDS homebrew set up, or my GBA flashcart... You'll make so many people happy. :thumbsup1:

Oh yeah and user bars ftw



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Fixed. :-) BUT = BUY

I would buy the DS homebrew but i have no methods to purchase any online goods :(
Really? Get Paypal! Send me a check! I'll fly to your house! ANYTHIIING! B) (I need money)
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