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Oooo La La!.. My first Blog :-D

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I hope you guys love the new 1Emulation v2.9 as much as I do. This new blogging system really does kick ass quite well. Everyone can register a blog for free! Wait, aren't all blogs free? Of course they are, but nothing like 1Emulation Blogs. Infact, you have 20+ designs to choose from. You see, it took a lot of precise planning for 1Emulation v2.9. But you all are asking me, why is it called 2.9? What about 3.0? Well, that's what I'd like to ask you. WHAT IS VERSION 3.0 GOING TO BE?




1Emulation ain't done until we all drop dead and I'll makesure everybody get's all the fun out of it. Now I can't type much more since at the time I'm posting this, you guys see my nagging messages of "Board Offline" and my classic intro page to 1Emulation before this upgrade is complete.


Don't you just admire my presence? :naughty::roll1:

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Just wanted to mention that my neck has snapped off my back after this 8 hour long upgrade. :P

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im Very excited to give this all shot. but apparently right now its 5:47pm in newyork hehe i need to get some shuddy :P Congratulations on the Grand launch of 1Emulation 2.9 i hope this will bring more success to 1Emulation in which it truly deserves :)

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