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RPG World 2

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Ghede finishes rummaging through Zyq's corpse.
"Hehe, with yours I have 35..."
*Items acquired| 35x?*

"Now...what will be my next move..."
Ghede ponders...

*Outside the Guild, 2 newbies decide to ditch class*
Thief1: Haha, we fooled them didn't we!
Thief2: Yeah, I suppose, but what do we do now? We're broke...
Thief1: Bah, we'll think of something.

Thief1: Ha, see, look there, a big chest of gold lying suspiciously in the street! We lucked out!
*Thief1 runs toward chest*
Thief2: mutters to himself... "Maybe he shouldn't be ditching class..."
Thief1: Eaagh!
*Thief1 is snared in trap*
Thief2: You idiot, I can't believe you fell for that.
Thief1: Shut up and get me down!
*Thief 2 frees student*
Thief1: There, see? No harm done, and we got 2000 gold.
Thief2: It could have been worse, pay more attention next time.
Thief1: Yeah, yeah...
*They continue on to town*

*You notice a sparkling object lying the ground*
Roger: Looks like they dropped something...
*Roger acquires "Keycard"*

*Back at the Guild...*

Ghede: The Susita...
Ghede (to intercom): Attention, would the students Mondo and Flyrin please report to the administrative office.
*Ghede waits patiently...*
Ghede: The flock are they...
Ghede (paging secretary): You, uh...whoever you are, find Mondo and Flyrin.
Secretary: Right away's Lord Zyq?
Ghede: Who cares, that flesh bag was worth less than the guild's cafeteria food.
Secretary: *Gulp* Um, I'll go find those students for you, sir.
*Ghede waits patiently...again...the secretary returns*
Secretary: They don't appear to be in class sir.
Ghede: Typical of them...*sigh*...I'll find them myself.
Secretary: Very well, my Leige.
Ghede: *Grins**Thinks, "I'm really starting to like this..."*
Ghede: I may not return for a while.
Ghede:...Sylvia is in charge while I'm gone.
Secretary: I'll notify her immediately, sir.
Ghede: Give her my best regards...
Ghede: Oh, and a couple of travellers might be headed this way. Make sure she knows of them.
*Ghede takes a back road to town*




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Roger and ryla walked up into the town.

They saw a robotic building that said, Please insert keycard here.

They inserted the keycard and the doors flew open.

They both walked in and there they saw a security level of Maldi.

They noticed the building was empty because of a "new leader" ritual.

Roger and ryla found a room with lots of computers in it and began to look up data for it.........


The 3 men in uniforms emerged from the inn. The leader was called Roy.

Roy looked around and looked to his men and said, "well lets get started shall we?'

The other men nodded....and they started to draw out their energy pistols...

-NalFag's Castle-

A servant ran into the chamber room.

"Master, I just heard that Zyq has been one of his own."

Nalfag sighed, "Dammit, I knew that my idiot of a step-brother would get himself killed if he didn't watch out for his own soldiers. We must hurry then. Only Zyq and a man named Ty know that I am actually Zyq's brother and that we are actually the elite assassination squad of Maldi. We must avenge my brothers death!"

The troops of Nalfag began to get organized...


Wow I handled 3 plots at once haha :P



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I suppose that would work.  The main concern is that other players are forced to act in a method they'd rather not.  :P We probobly won't have the same goal in mind...just remember that, and we should be fine.

I'm gonna go kill chldren now.
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Roger and ryla continued to look through the data they were finding on the computer.

Roger said, "hmm turns out Ghede is one of Zyq's top soldiers...and look at this. Nalfag is actually Zyq's step-brother."

Ryla asked, "But why would he want us to kill his own brother."

Roger replied, "I think it was the other way around. Zyq wanted his brother to kill us. Figures....We can't trust this town nor the inhabitants within it. We should probably raze the town before it can do any harm to others...."

Ryla turned around, "I think I heard something..."

Roger said, "I did too, We need to hide immediately."

Both of them turned off the computers and hid behind a storage cabinet. A robot and a thief walked in the room....

Thief: Could have sworn I hear something....

The Robot:........

The robot turned to the thief and blew the thief's head off! (401021 damage).

Roger swore, "Crap, Ryla cast a fire blitz, It can distract him..."

Ryla began to cast the spell when the robot turned to their direction. It picked up the storage cabinet and threw it away. It pointed its cannons at the two adventurers...

"State your name and your business here."

Roger thought, "No point lying to a robot."

Roger said, "We are two adventurers that were led here by a thief. He betrayed us and we came to get revenge..."

The robot stood there for a while...

The robot unarmed its cannons and said, "Please Follow me" in a mechanical voice.

The two adventurers looked at each other and followed the robot.

The robot led them into a small underground room.

The robot introduced himself, "I am Alos. I was a robot that was traveling along with a few adventurers. We rested here to take a break and to refresh our supplies. Before I knew it, someone hacked into my systems and disabled me while I watched a swarm of thieves attack my companions. My companions did not survive and I was forced to work as a security guard for the thieves. I upgraded my programming within these 2 years and now they have no control over me. I am planning a suicidal attack on their leader, and hopefully, it will be enough to pay the blood of my friends..."

Roger looked at the robot for a while. He stepped forward, "Can we join you? We want to kill one of our own friends that turned traitor on us..."

The robot nodded, "Of course. You and I will attack tomorrow on daybreak..."

-Meanwhile on the streets-

The policemen drew their energy pistols and shot thives in the back. 5 of them perished. Roy yelled, "Duck!" as knives and daggers flew at them. One of his companions wasn't so lucky as several knives flew into his chest.

Roy grabbed the guns on the ground and told his other ally to take cover in the building.

They continued to fire as a loud Rumbling came from the walls.

The loud rumbling was actually Nalfag's elite assassination squad tearing down the walls. There was a great panic in the town as many townspeople began to flee in terror. The soldiers and thieves of Maldi rushed to the walls preparing for battle. Within 5 minutes, the walls came crashing down as both sides threw several weapons at each other. Many perished but the elite assassination squad managed to slay 6 thieves for one of their own.

Roy and his friend retreated through the back door of the buildling. They walked silently and cautiously as Roy suddenly noticed a hazy look on the wall. As the realization suddenly came to him, his friend collapsed dead. Roy began to run but Ghede appeared in front of him. "Running away aren't we? I can fix it so you'll never bother us again." Ghede took out his daggers and stabbed Roy in the stomach....

Nalfag and his squad fought a hard battle but they were on the losing side. Many elite assassins were being found out and being killed due to the mass number of thieves. Nalfag and 8 others managed to get to the thieves guide with some injuries. They noticed no one was they began to set some traps...

----To be Continued----



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Ghede; The town's gone mad!
Ghede: I've got to get to the tavern...

*Ghede rushes through the streets to the tavern*

Ghede: Now where are they...

Flyrin: So I tells her...babe, you're just not my type. My type are female! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Mondo:...*sips his liquid bread*

Ghede: There they are...

*Ghede walks up to them*

Mondo: Ah! Sir! We were's a field trip!
Flyrin: Ahhh, quit lying...we're ditching class to have a drink...*hic*
Mondo: Please don't tell Zyq...

*Ghede grins*

Ghede: Zyq is dead.
*Mondo and Flyrin appear startled*
Ghede: He had it coming.
Ghede: The guild has been in a downhill spiral ever since he took over. There's no stopping it now. It'll be crushed within the hour. You two are coming with me...

Flyrin: Where we goin'? *hic*
Ghede: We have 3 main objectives. First, a man named Shemesh. He is to be killed. Second, the party of adventurers I was with. They are also to be killed.
Ghede: We leave now, the town is no longer safe.
Flyrin: Hold on, lemme buy a couple drinks...*hic*
Mondo: What of the third objective?
Ghede:...that's a secret.




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Roger and Ryla battled many thieves and were tired. They decided to rest while many sounds of battle could be heard. After 30 minutes, they got up and prepared for battle again, but they noticed there wasn't anyone to be around. They both ran to the thieves guild...only to spring off nalfag's traps. Swoosh! Roger and Ryla found themselves trapped in a net.

Nalfag stepped from the shadows, "No use in struggling. Net gets tighter the more you struggle."

Roger asked, "Are you in alliance with Ghede?"

Nalfag shook his head, "No...he killed my half brother and I want to take vengeance on that tratior. I understand that you guys think my brother was going to send you guys to be killed, but we were actually going just make you go through a portal to another town. The assassinations just make it sound cool. Also, you two haven't done anything to make Zyq enemies with you..."

Ryla said, "I see..But wat do we do now. We don't know where Ghede is and Shemesh is closer to getter the susitas..."

Roger asked Nalfag, "Do you know how to track members of the thief guild?"

Nalfag said, "Yes, but many of my people have fallen during combat. I humbly request that you two come along with us. You're probably too slow so we'll have to carry you you accept?

Roger and Ryla nodded.

Nalfag stared at them for a moment, "Ok. We must hurry..."

The new alliance began to make plans while Ghede and his two companions had just left the town..

--------In the Afterlife------

Slacil walked around the dark spiritual world. He has seen and heard nothing since he got there. Suddenly, his necklace started to turn blue. He looked at it and saw Ryla and Roger...."Ryla..."

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