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EmuDek.Org Calls it Quits After 4 Years!

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Transalated in English By a Online Transalator..


06-10-2003 - To always: -); -) : - (

I am really touched by all your messages by e-mail, forum, ó in other webs as that of Talfi, ElOtroLado, IndiceDivX, EdadFutura, ElPortal, etc.  Only to add to it said yesterday the to return to encourage you to that creeis your own web that sure will leave cover the hollow one left by my web..  For all them they interested, you abandonment a historic one of all the news that conserve of the web: here (2 Mb).  This is my last message since here: -). 

05-10-2003 - has been a decision very dificil that carried thinking for time... but now ó never: Emudek was finished. 

I have enjoyed a great deal with the web during more than 4 years, bringing up to date all it "daily" that has been me possible, spending the majority of my free time in Emudek..  But all it weighs, and although I know that this goes to disappoint to many of you, also I have to meditate on my life, my future, etc.  I have done large friends thanks to the web, I am conscious that I do a little more pleasant the life to many of you, but so much time doing "the same thing" (bringing up to date of early morning after the work) and to be given account revising the news of some years ago that practicamente have not changed neither evolved (the same form of counting the news, the same shrill colors, the same tag of "thanks to XThe news", the same comments that are repeated without ceasing "interesting, interesting, interesting...", etc) do to one to be redefined its 'form of life'. 

I want to do other things inside and out of Internet, although someone can seem 'endiosado' inside this limited digital world, in the real life I am a 'kid' of 28 tacos very but that very normal.  And I consider illusion other future projects.  Besides although I have taken care of this digital page I have neglected other facets of my life, and this I have to amend it. 

The last one 4º anniversary of the web was a hard blow.  Me dí counts that there was 'spent' four years of my life in the web and of all the other things that could have done and I did not do..  Besides myself did not I notice of the anniversary and he had to be one of you at the end of several days the one that notified me of it.. 

Is not lack of illusion, is simply a greater degree of illusion by other projects. 

It is neither lack of satisfaction by it obtained.  Never I have dear an economic reward by the web.  All the effort dedicated to the web has been for my completely altruistic part.  I expect to to have served of aid to all. 

Is not something fruit of a 'prompt' neither of a badly personal moment.  Is something at length meditated and as already I have said before, has been a decision dificil. 

Is neither something forced by legal themes, neither threats, neither problems of servants, neither swims by the style.  By very 'under' that have been able to be the web never I have had any type of problems of this type.  Maybe it has been luck... or maybe I have had friends even where me did not expect: -). 

Do neither I believe that Emudek be somewhat unique inside Internet.  Teneis the same information recopilada of Emudek in other webs.  Besides I encourage to all the ones that leais this to that hagais your own page web.  Is something that all you should try some day..  Besides just like I have helped to all the webs that have been able since the news, there are other webs that they will do the same thing ó more than I by you... I am sure. 

I am not going to put here a long list of gratitudes, since is a great deal of people and I am going to forget me of many of you, so better myself the savings.  So better I put you a list of my 'bookmarks' :

Underground: Talfi' s World, ElOtroLado, Insight Creative, Page of JL-Picard, Dragon Port, sferaZero, Crackman World, Future Age, InsertCDR. 

Emuladores: Emulatronia, ElPortal, MundoSega, Marcianitos, Nation Arcade, Vintage Gaming, Retrogames, Consolevision, Emu-Zone, DCEmulation,, RetroNES, 

Abandonware: Computer Emuzone, Home of the Underdogs, EllosNuncaLoHarían, Forest of the Camaleón. 

Remakes: Retro Remakes, Remakes Zone. 

Play: Meristation, ZonaRed, PlayAddiction, RPG Maniatikos. 

DivX: IndiceDivX, EliteDivX, EliteFreak, IndiceDonkey. 


Matamarcianos: Shumps, Shooting Maniacs, Doujingame, Vector. 

Humor: Manicomic, Yonkis, BromaMania, ElRellano. 

Sleeve: LaComunidad, Hentai FZH. 

Movies: IMDB, Cinefagia, LaButaca, Cronicas of Zion. 

And-Links: ShareReactor, SuprNova, Channel Quo, SpaniShare, Server.met. 

Personal pages: 

To finalize, has been a HONOR to dedicate my free time to Emudek during these years.  To always!  Perhaps we see ourselves in some another web in the future.  It it was finished of Franxis, from now only Fran; -). 

Any thing that you want to comment, go our forum. 

I have to say, there were a great emulation site and was really one of the first who brought us the Giri Giri Emulator and extras. They also had a good amount of Sega CD Iso's and great patches for emulators and stuff. They will be missed. ;)



    Your Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla!

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They're entire news archive is available for download..

NOTE: All the news is in Spanish. ;)




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bleh another emulation site bites the dust :)

U better not shut down 1emulation GC ;)



    Your Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla!

  • Admin
  • 7,464 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Interests:Face to face interaction, women, and some old games.

U better not shut down 1emulation GC

No I won't. I never will, so if any of you lousy bozo's want to cause problems here. I am never closing this place! ;)

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