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[8/07/03] Time Crisis 3

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My first Review, here we go!

Game: Time Crisis 3
System: Arcade, PS2
Emulators: None yet, play it in arcades or wait for ps2 version ^_^

Time crisis 3 takes place in the year 2002. The small country, Lukano, is being invaded by the Zagorias Federation. Lukano has its own Front for Liberation and Freedom to protect and attack the Zagorias Fedeartion. However, they received information that the Zagorias Federation has been shipping tactical missiles to the island of Astigos Island. The Front had tried sneaking in and to destroy the missiles but resulted in capture of the covert team. This struck as a heavy blow to Lukano and Zagorias seemed to be winning.

Posted Image

However, VSSE, a neighboring country, is in the range of the missiles. Anxious to figure out whats happening, VSSE decides to send two agents in, Alan Danaway and Wesley Rambart.

If you had ever played Time Crisis, it features its "Hide and Shoot" system. This means you have the ability to hide behind boxes right before the enemy shoots at you. Also, you will have to finish the level before time runs out or otherwise, you will lose a health point. If you lose all health points, you lose.

Time Crisis 3 has progressed a lot from its previous titles. First of all, you have the ability to select from 4 weapons: The Pistol, A machine Gun, A shot Gun, and a Grenade Launcher. The pistol has unlimited ammuntion but the rest don't. However, the guns prove as a great assisstance for your assault against the Zagorias Federation.

The guns prove to be a valuable asset in the game. The machine gun can fire very quickly eliminating enemies faster. The shotgun is powerful and has a spread shot killing multiple enemies. The grenade launcher has a big explosion that you can use to blow enemies up or hurt the boss really badly. However, in order to obtain these weapons, you have to shoot yellow suited people. Then, you get ammo for these guns allowing you to switch guns by shooting while in "hiding" mode.

Posted Image
The enemies in Time Crisis 3 have changed also. They are not the simple "Instant one hit Kill" anymore. Now, some of them require multiple shots to kill. Now, the enemies use a variety of weapons from flamethrowers, ninjas, machine guns, rockets, etc. The bosses have also gotten harder. But a few Grenade rounds should finish them off easy :).

The environment in Time Crisis 3 is now more interactive. You can shoot items off stands, or simply blow up a jeep just for the heck of it. The environment can also help you eliminate enemies quicker.

As usual, there are only 3 areas in Time Crisis 3. These areas take MUCH longer than the previous Time Crisis Games. However, Time Crisis 3 keeps the feature that allows you to play with another person or by yourself letting you finish the areas faster.

Overall, Time Crisis 3 is one of the Best arcade games out there in my opinion. I only played it once, but the graphics and gameplay were very good. The "Hide and Shoot" feature enables us people to survive more and not waste our quarters or tokens. If you're good enough, you can probably beat the whole game with one credit 8).

Speed = 10 (timer keeps you going)
Gameplay = 10
Graphics = 10
Sound = 10

Overall Score = 10
Grade = A+

Overall, I give this game a :wink:



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Nice review.

I will be getting it for ps2.



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Very good game alot harder than the second and much better graphics. I like the new format of carrying 4 different weapons and finding ammo off specific enemies. If anybody hasn't played this game yet your really missing out, best shotter in the arcades right now.

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