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Since I can't upload anything for some time, I'll just be in and out. I play games a lot especially mame32k and cs. :(


Heres one I heard Recently:
4 people are sailing in the ocean. One is the captain. 1 is American. 1 is Mexican. and 1 is African-american.
The captain says to throw out something that they have too much of in their country.
The african american takes off his pants and throws it out to the ocean and says, "My country have too much of these."
The Mexcian takes off his sombrero and throws it into the ocean and says, "My country has too much of these."
The American picks up the Mexican and throws him into the ocean and says, "My country has too many of these."


A couple were at a wishing well. First, the man wishes for something and throws a coin in.
The women then wishes for something, but leans in too far to throw it, and falls in the well and dies.
The man exclaimed, "Holy Crap! It worked!


A man was fishing in a hole he dug into the ice.
Out of nowhere, a voice says to him, "you won't find any fish there"
So the man moves and digs another hole.
The voice says again, "you wont find any fish there"
The man moves for the third time and digs a hole.
The voice says, "you won't find any fish there"
The man asks, "How do you know? Are you God????"
The voice answered, "No, but I am the manager of the ice skating rink!"



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i realy like the 2nd one its very funy

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