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What is pro

Posted by Lucandrake , 09 February 2008 · 736 views

Pro isn't defined by the term "Professional" as most would assume. Since a "Professional" still has the ability to mess up, and is liable after doing so. Define Pro, not as someone who excels exponentially at a subject he or she prefers as a means to waste time. Define Pro, as a way of describing someone who has managed to gain the ability of control over their life. A Pro is not a rich powerful human being, a Pro is a open minded kind hearted soul. A Pro is calm in the majority of tests,struggles, thrown at him or her. When exceeded to the extent of paranoia, a Pro either learns to control that energy to further improve the better being of his or herself, or resembles the yogis by meditating the paranoia back to its original state. A Pro accepts defeat, and at the same time, realizes defeat is but a choice of taking the longer path down life. Never stop dreaming, always think positive, calm the insanity, and prioritize the action of learning, after accomplishing the realization of wanting a status represented as a humble leader, and practice is initiated, Pro becomes your stereotype in the minds of the strong.

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