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Entry 12: Annoyance

Posted by Diso , 13 March 2007 · 539 views

You know what annoys me about the internet? Those dumb comfirmation pictures where you have to type in some randomly-generated code to confirm you're a human being and not a machine. I usually don't mind these but when they decide to put the letters in some freaky-ass font where you can't distinguish between a 1 and an L, or decide to put some silly background that makes the letters harder to read, that's when it annoys me. Especially when they only give you a certain amount of tries to do it.

Check out what happened to me:Posted ImageIt was the same code every time, but no matter how many times I typed it in correctly, it said it was wrong. :blink:
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I don't mind it as long as it works. But, yeah when they try to confuse a zero with O, or 1 with small L, then when I hate it.
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