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Entry 7: Rewind

Posted by Diso , 21 December 2006 · 698 views

So Another recap post again since I haven't done anything in a while. I'm currently going through finals and my last final is tomorrow. My finals have been going good (got the B I wanted in Physics by getting an A on the final (I hate physics)). My last real final is tomorrow which is biology, which I've been looking at old test questions and junk and see if I can finish it in 5 minutes or so. Otherwise I'll be on break just catching up on old psx rpgs and doing some gaming and watching anime, which I haven't done for a year.

On my future, I've been accepted to most of my colleges (one I didn't send yet) and I pretty much know where I want to go. The debate between choosing between pharmacy and computer science and networking is almost done (Leaning towards computer science), but I still have about 2-3 months to decide on that.

Teh family is home and nothing else.

Good luck with the exams! :-)
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Hehe I just finished my mid-terms, although I didn't to well on half of them I'm at least happy that I got more then one B in more then one test. GL on deciding what your going to do!! Just make sure it's what you love ^.^.
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