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More College Fun

Posted by gymnist1026 , 24 September 2007 · 1,061 views

Midterms week...Yay!!!

So i only have two exams during midterms week, which is really awesome, especially because they are my two easiest classes (Psychology and Astronomy)...

As a random factoid...

Every day, the earth begins to revolve slower, causing the days to get longer, because the moon is getting farther away and absorbing Earth's angular momentum.  Eventually the moon will tidal lock the earth into orbit, causing the moon to stay in the exact same place above earth.  Sadly, this will never happen because before it does, the sun will explode.  

Yay for random astronomy awesomeness....

Unless we colonize the moon and put big rocket boosters on it! :blink:
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Wow, that's some interesting stuff. And all this time, I thought the days were getting faster. I guess it's just me. :blink:
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The sun won't explode, it's not big enough for that. It will just die out.If the moon does stop moving, it will be like 2 people holding hands and turning around a spot. So the earth's orbit will be kinda wobbly, as it and the moon take turns at being closer to the sun.But, who cares. None of us will be around then.
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