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Star Wars Galaxies : An Empire Divided!!!!!!!!!!!


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dont you have to pay like 10 bucks a month to play????


That is pretty likely BUT if they actually make this game as good as it sounds then I will gladly pay a monthly fee for an MMORPG for the first time :D


I was never too keen on everquest and the only other MMRPG I played a lot was PSO 1 & 2. The PAL version had no hunters license fee so that made it even better. We haven't had a really good Star wars game (minus maybe pod racer and Jedi Knight II) for years and its about time we got one. I mean it's the best license in the world!!! Surely you can't mess it up anymore!


Another star wars game looks good. Knights of the republic I think it's called. It is an RPG for PC and Xbox made by Bioware (Baldurs Gate II, Neverwinter Nights etc), so it is in good hands.


glad to see you back DCL. :wink: your absolutely right. you are going to have to pay like 10 bucks or so a month to play the game, but IMO, its totally worth it. the star wars universe has got to be one, if not the greatest and most loved fantasy world ever created.


its true, we havent had a good sw game in a while, except for pod racer, like you said and jk2. another game that wasnt too bad was starfighter, but it was WAY too short. knights of the old republic is the game you are thinging of, and you are correct, it does look great aswell. thats one that i am going to be picking up aswell as SWG. :D


let me know if you do get SWG DCL, i would love to meet up with you on Tatooine or Corellia and go adventuring, maybe as a team of bounty hunters or something. what do you think? :oops:

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i signed up to beta test too  but i think if you beta test  you get like a few months free!! that would be neat if a group of us  had it  and formed a clan.


yeah dude, it would be as cool as hell!! i think we can have up to 5 "main" members of a player association (clan) and each can have a number of people underneath them and so on and so on. :oops: i know for the beta testing, all you have to pay for is the shipping of the game, which is reasonable i think.

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hey DCL, speaking of pod racer, i just remembered something. if you have winxp and have found that the game has some problems playing correctly like a "white screen" lock up, or, it keeps quiting to desktop, i have some good news. they have FINALLY released some patches to help clear up these issues. you can pick them up here : http://support.lucasarts.com/trg/xp/xptitle.htm


it also has some fixes for other lucas arts games aswell i beleive. i was extremly excited when i learned of this to say the least, since sw pod racer is one of my favorite games. anyways, just thought id let everyone, who'd be intrested, know. :oops:

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