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I am seriously about to rip this computer apart in frustration...


Can someone help me getting Goldeneye to run right? so far 1964 has givin me the best results but i still get some frame rate lag and some sound skipping.


its on my crappier PC, but its system specs seem good enough to me


2.4GHz, 64MB graphics card, 256MB DDR RAM...any other info needed just ask


thanks in advance, i greatly appreciate the help

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Uhh actually there wherent really any frame rate issues in the game at all unless you where exploiting a glitch (and it was pretty hard not to actually considering the amount of them) I think you mean Perfect Dark, that game had MASSIVE frame rate issues all the time, if you emulate it on the PC and look at the graphics, it looks like 20 times that of what you saw on the N64, their textures where waaaaay to high quality for the N64


i pretty much fixed the frame issue, but its still getting crap sound


i have it on N64, but i want to play it on the PC.

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I've only played GoldenEye on the emulator for a short time, but I'm sure it ran perfectly on my computer. I have a 2.53Ghz P4, 1024 MB DDR Ram and a 128MB Geforce 4.


The ram is probably the most important as I have sh/t loads really. I also use Project 64. The only problem for me is the controls on PlayStation USB pad. :evil:

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