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Dapple 0.99a Released!

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Dapple is a Apple ][ emulator for DOS.

* Debugger restored (F5 this time). This is a partial rewrite of Marat Fayzullin's debugger, using the Dosius Disassembler (dasmc02).

* Alt is Open-Apple in //e mode. Ctrl-Alt is Option in //e mode. No combination key for both yet, you'll need a joystick for that still.

* Gee, I can't remember what the original tweak was. :evil:
* Added PrtSc, as per user request.

* Fixed some bugs relating to the color settings.
* Tweaked amber: it now looks much more realistic.

* Removed /?, it takes too much screen real estate. You might ask why all these 0.98 versions: it's not ready for prime time yet, so I don't see 1.00 coming soon. I suspect my code has succumbed to creeping featurism.

* Fixed /?, this may be the last time /? is available.

* Another workaround for Xevious, the /XEVIOUS switch...
* Added "real" documentation (dapple.man) in the *X style.

* For those who would like to use Xevious without being stuck in mono I added the /NOSAVEINI switch to trash changes to settings on exit.

* No real differences, tweaked M65C02 a little.

* Got the new M65C02 to build under Turbo C++ 1 again.
* Also, fixed a small bug in ][+ emulation mode (Flash can't be disabled on ][+!)

* Preliminary support for the 80-column card, although it doesn't work yet. Text support in 40-column mode is at //e Classic level, although the Mousetext has been in the font since the beginning. Challenge: If you are able to get PR#3 to work at the level of Andrew Gregory's emulator, I will put your name immediately after 1.00 here, and I will put your name at the top section of any source files tweaked to get to this point. I really do appreciate the help of Holger Picker and David Empson; it has been *quite* invaluable in getting the emulator this far.

* Fixed a bug where the printer port defaulted to the current ROM...I am not immune to PEBKAC.

Dapple 0.99a Released!

* Moved Debugger to F4 to avoid collision with F5/Refresh.
* Also made the 48K main RAM bank static, so as to allow dapple.c to be expanded more.
* Bugfixed the debugger's Disassemble function.

Get info at - [url="http://sourceforge.net/projects/dapple/"]http://sourceforge.net/projects/dapple/[/url]

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