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[8/28/04] Cool Spot

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Title: Cool Spot

Genre: Platform

Platform: Genesis, Snes, Gameboy, Game Gear, Sega Master System (Reviewed for SNES)

Emulators: Probobly a crapload.




First the story...


Okay, moving on to gameplay. You jump around and collect little red spots. These spots raise your "Coolness Percentage". Once you're 30/60/90% cool (Depending on difficulty) you can free your clone by shooting his cage with these magic sparkly things you shoot from your hands. I guess cool people can do that.




If you're cool enough at the end of the stage, you get to go to a bonus stage, and hop around on popping bubbles inside a giant 7up bottle. While collecting spots...you can also collect a "continue letter", which let you continue. Imagine that.




The enemies can be real nasty, things like small hermit crabs, and mice, will often attack Spot. We learned why from the deep storyline. But if you're feeling unhealthy, just grab on of 7up's copyrighted bongs!




The graphics are one of the only good things this game has going for it. Very smooth and well animated. Though the backgrounds could use some work.


Half of the soundtrack sounds like it was pulled out of a hippie beach party. The other half is okay. Nothing memorable or significantly catchy though.


The controls are simple, but it's often hard to jump correctly, jumping too little means you land on the spikes, jumping too much means you hit the ceiling and fall onto the spikes.


Gameplay: 6/10

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 6/10

Controls 7/10


Overall 6/10 D


You should play this game if: You like flash games.



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